Use "quick-kill" to fumigate farmland soil

Use "quick-kill" to fumigate farmland soil

At present, the safest and most effective way to control pests and diseases on production is to use fumigation to decompose farmland soils. Why do we have to do fumigation and disinfection of soil for many years? The soil contains a large number of pathogens, underground pests, and pathogens. Nematodes, etc., have seriously jeopardized the growth of crops, constraining the improvement of farmers' planting levels and economic efficiency, and are the natural enemies of agricultural cultivation, green food, and pollution-free vegetable production. At present, the safest and most effective way to control the above-mentioned pests and weeds is to use soil-fat detoxification. Second, must be extinguishing is what must be extinguishing is a broad-spectrum soil fumigation disinfectant produced by the German BASF company. Its chemical composition is: tetrahydro-3,5-dimethyl-2h-1,3,5-thiadiazine-2-thione, which is a kind of low-toxic, gray-white microgranules with an effective content of 98%. -100%, specific gravity 0.5-0.7 kg/liter, slightly soluble in water. Third, how to use the correct speed must be extinguished In order to achieve the best effect of fumigation, the use of speed must be extinguished should pay attention to the following aspects: 1, soil: requirements loose, no large clods, depth of 20-30 cm. 2. Soil moisture: The water content of the soil should be 60% to 70% of the saturated water capacity, which is the soil moisture suitable for seed germination. 3, soil temperature: above 6 °C. 4, the use of dose: (1) furrow: planting rows along the ditch, ditch depth 20-30 cm. 10 grams per square meter will be quickly extinguished, with 5-6 kg per acre, concentrated evenly spread in the ditch, cover the soil and then watering the plastic film, 3-7 days after uncovering the film, loose soil 1-2 times, 3-7 days after planting crops. (2) Surface application: 20 grams per square meter, shower medication 12-15 kilograms. After the flattening, spread the must-conquer granules 20 g/m2 uniformly, immediately turn the soil to a depth of 20-30 cm, water and cover the membrane, remove the membrane after 3-7 days, loosen 1-2 times, 3-7 Days after planting crops. (3) heap application: every 100-250 grams must be extinguished to treat a cubic meter of soil or medium. To 2-3 cubic meters as a pile, leveling into a 20-30 cm thick, sprinkled on the speed will be 300 grams, turning uniform, and then covered, 3-7 days after the film, flip 1-2 times. Fourth, the steps of soil fumigation disinfection 1, clear garden: Before fumigation, all crop straw and root tuber should be cleaned. 2, adjust the soil moisture: to achieve 60% -70% of the soil moisture content is the most appropriate moisture content for soil fumigation. The simple approach is: Grab a handful of soil, smashing into groups, and loosen one meter off the ground. If the soil mass can fall off, prove that the moisture content is appropriate. And let this appropriate moisture content for 6-7 days. 3. Application of pesticides: Sprinkle the must-kill granules on the soil surface to be disinfected. 4. Turning to the ground: It is necessary to deep-dip the agent to a depth of 20-30 cm in the soil to disintegrate large blocks of soil to provide a good condition for the diffusion and infiltration of gases that must be rapidly extinguished. 5, watering: If the soil moisture content is not enough. 6, cover the film: close to the surface of the soil covered with plastic film, film around the compaction, can not leak. At this point the gas must be extinguished and the soil fumigated. The film sealing time is 3-7 days. 7. Ventilation: After fumigation for 3-7 days, the film shall be ventilated and ventilated for 3-7 days. During ventilation, it shall be loosened 1-2 times. 5. Disinfection process should be noted 1. Prior to application, the soil moisture content should be 60% to 70% of the saturated water capacity; 2. After the must-kill granules are spread on the surface of the soil, the depth should be as soon as required. It may be completely mixed in the soil and the cover membrane seals. 3, control seedling disease, blight, full erosion, nematode and soil pests mixed soil 20 cm deep, prevention and treatment of stem rot, root rot, wither, Verticillium wilt pathogens mixed soil 30 cm deep; 4, after disinfection 7 days after ventilation, the crop can only be grown. 5. The treated soil or medium is an aseptic state, so the compost must be additionally disinfected; 6. When the soil is loosened, the original application depth must not be exceeded. In July and October, the soil temperature was 20-25°C for soil disinfection. Covering time was 3 days, and the crop could be grown after 3 days. From November to May, the soil temperature was 10-15 °C for soil disinfection. Covering the film for 7 days, the film was allowed to air for 7 days.

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Size:    5cm-7cm, 7cm-9cm, 9-11cm

Storing and loading:
Temperature: 0-+2`C,
Moisture:    65%,
Ventilation:  15CBM/H

Packing: 5kgs/10kgs/20kgs /mesh bags or as per buyer's requirements.

13 – 14 MT /20` container.

26 – 28 MT/40` container.Payment terms: T/T or L/C Shipment:         

Within 5-7 days after received the deposit.

Supplying Capacity: 20,000 mts/Year

Supply period:      May to next February.

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