Eight water quality adverse to fish growth

Eight water quality adverse to fish growth

First, the water temperature is too high and high water temperature will affect the growth of fish, such as blue, grass, oysters, clams, cockroaches, cockroaches and other fish the most suitable water temperature is 23 °C ~ 28 °C, tilapia 25 °C ~ 35 °C It grows fastest. Therefore, if the water temperature exceeds the suitable temperature for fish growth in summer, cooling measures should be taken.

Second, bad water is reddish or brownish in color, and oil film appears on the water surface. When water smells or smells, it is extremely harmful to fish growth. In this case, let go of bad water and add new water.

Third, water transparency is too large or too small General nutritional water and water with a transparency less than 20 cm are not suitable for fish growth.

Fourth, the dissolved oxygen in the water is too low for the best dissolved oxygen for the growth of 5 mg / l ~ 6 mg / liter. When the dissolved oxygen in the water is less than 2 mg/l, oxygenation measures should be taken.

V. Excessive Carbon Dioxide in Water The carbon dioxide in the water is necessary for plankton, but it is generally recommended to be below 80 mg/L. If the content is too high, it will cause great harm to the fish.

Sixth, the pH value of the water is too low or too high pH value of the water should be 6.5 ~ 8.5, when the water pH is lower than 5.5 or higher than 10, can not be used as fishery water.

VII. High levels of nutrients in water The amount of nutrients in water is closely related to the growth of fish. For example, nitrate in water is most easily used by green phytoplankton, and the general content should be kept at 1 mg/L to 2 mg/L. If it exceeds 3 mg/L, it will cause oxygen deficiency in the water and result in fish death.

VIII. Hazardous substances in water Pollutants in water include phenol, mercury, chromium, lead, and petroleum, which not only poison fish, but also poison fish. Therefore, water contaminated by these harmful substances should not be allowed to enter the pond.

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