How to prevent and treat boron deficiency in watermelon

How to prevent and treat boron deficiency in watermelon

Symptoms: When a watermelon suffers from boron deficiency, it starts from the vine extension period, vines are clustered, growth points are inhibited, whiteness, small leaves, leaf shrinkage, and bumps are often misdiagnosed as viral diseases. There are transverse cracks on the new vines of the boron-deficient plants, which are brittle and brittle, and sometimes have a viscous, brownish husk. However, watermelon virus disease does not have this phenomenon; there is no disease center for watermelon boron deficiency disease, and watermelon virus disease has a disease center. Spread around. Fewer or no flowers, poor flower development or deformity, difficult to sit melon, sit melon, resulting in more than a misshapen melon or hollow melon.

Cause: Acid or sandy soil is more likely to lack boron. The soil is dry, resulting in less soluble boron in the soil, which can not meet the needs of the rapid growth of the plant, and can also cause boron deficiency.

Control methods: Apply base fertilizer. The base fertilizer added 200 to 400 grams of boron or 11% of borax 1 kg per mu. Borax can be mixed with organic fertilizers, but it cannot be mixed with superphosphate, and it should not be mixed with urea to prevent boron from being fixed or passivated. Spray borax 50~100g at the 4~5th node, or use micro-replenishment force 800 times fluid to add the micro-boron force 2000 times, spray 2 times continuously. After the onset of symptoms, drip irrigation with 3000-fold micro boron or 2,000-times Sonic Boron. At the same time, after transplanting, the watermelon is sprayed with 800 times liquid to increase the force of 800 times every 5 to 7 days, and the micro-boron force is 2000 times. 3~4 times.

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