The Ministry of Agriculture implements a pesticide special system to keep food safety at the first level

The Ministry of Agriculture implements a pesticide special system to keep food safety at the first level

On November 10, the reporter learned from insiders of the Ministry of Agriculture that the State Council Legislative Affairs Office will soon issue new pesticide management regulations, which stipulate that the pesticide industry will implement a professional license management system. The source said that this move is to deal with the growing problem of pesticide residues in agricultural products.

“ Among the many factors that affect the quality and safety of vegetables, fruits, and other fresh agricultural products, the most prominent is the excessive pesticide residues, especially the prohibition of the use of highly toxic pesticide residues exceeding the standard.” At the recently held national trial of high-toxic pesticide fixed-point operation management At the meeting, Ye Zhenqin, director of the Crop Management Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that controlling the sales channels for highly toxic pesticides has brought the first pass of agricultural product quality and safety.

Wang Yong's era of central bank restructuring ideas subtle changes in foreign investment or ice-breaking Development and Reform Commission: CPI will exceed 3% this year

Several banks raised the reserve ratio by 0.5%. Wang Qishan: rising inflation risks in emerging economies radish unearthed prices listed on the 9th sale of 3 yuan (Figure) PE private appointments met with Ma Yun or jointly with the anti-buy Yahoo CCTV "ten best chaired" come a long way (group Figure) The Truth About the Discovery of Sino-U.S. Currency Amount Not long ago, the outbreak of excessive pesticide residues in many parts of the country led to food poisoning in agricultural products.

Since January of this year, Wuhan Baishazhou agricultural and sideline products market has detected the residues of highly toxic pesticides, iNOS, in Hainan Province for three consecutive times. For this reason, the Wuhan Agricultural Bureau stipulates that the sale of cowpea from Hainan Province should be stopped from February 7. 3 months.

In response to this problem, the Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture formulated the "Management Regulations for the Administration of Pesticides in Hainan Special Economic Zone (Revised Draft)" in June, which stipulates that a franchise system shall be implemented for the wholesale operation of pesticides in Hainan, and a license system shall be implemented for the retail operation of pesticides.

In view of the urgency of food safety issues, the Ministry of Agriculture may extend its experience in Hainan to the whole country.

However, people in the industry are concerned that whether this move will allow the pesticide industry to re-enter the era of planned economy, will it lead to a monopolistic situation in the pesticide industry?

The reporter randomly interviewed several pesticide companies in Weifang, Shandong. Its responsible person said that for companies with a certain operating scale on the market, once the franchise is implemented, there will be no danger of being eliminated.

The above-mentioned sources from the Ministry of Agriculture also stated that the franchise system will affect the existing unlicensed, unlicensed, unlicensed and unlicensed operating stores in rural areas, but have little effect on large pesticide production companies and distributors.

China's agricultural production has always been over-fertilized and applied. Zhang Zhongjun, assistant to the FAO Representative in China, said that the amount of pesticides used by China's agricultural unit area is twice the world average.

Zhang Zhongjun believes that this is related to the traditional way of small-scale farming. Farmers have too few farming areas to increase production efficiency by expanding the scale. They can only rely on more drugs and more fertilization to increase yields.

On the other hand, China's agricultural product inspection system is relatively immature, especially in some small farmers' markets, and it is difficult to monitor the safety of agricultural products.

Zheng Fengtian, deputy dean of the College of Agriculture and Rural Development at China’s Damin University, told reporters that there are a large number of underground black factories and black trading channels in the field of pesticide production and circulation. To solve the high residual pesticide problem, these black factories and underground transactions should be eradicated first.

Zheng Fengtian is worried that after implementing the pesticide special system, these underground systems will still exist, even as far as the previous manufacturers on the ground will be forced underground.

Liang Liru, a villager in Houying Town, Dongchangfu District, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, told reporters that pesticides currently used for planting are basically purchased from nearby operating sites. However, many small factories and small distributors have sold illegally produced pesticides to the villagers. .

Liang Liru said that the effectiveness of pesticide application in recent years is far less than it was a few years ago.

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