Classic hot sauce with winter hot dishes

Classic hot sauce with winter hot dishes

Indonesia ABC Sambal Hot Spring Roll

The spicy chili, the garlic flavor, the white vinegar's acidity, and the aftertaste of sweetness combine to make the Indonesian Sambal sauce a complex and varied taste. And this kind of full-colored spicy taste can lift some small foods and it has become extraordinary. Like a spring roll, it is usually a snack made by wrapping bean sprouts and winter cocoon wrapped in a thin spring roll. Due to the dull content, the hit rate is not high. But since you simmered the Sambal sauce, you will find that the taste of the spring roll is magnified by several times under the pungent sauce. The sweetness of the bean sprouts and winter stalks will become more prominent. The crispy skin is no longer greasy but still crisp. Sweet and sour taste of a bit spicy, people eat a few no problem.

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