Female flow please be careful

Female flow please be careful

Artificial abortion refers to the surgical termination of pregnancy by artificial means during early pregnancy as a remedy for contraceptive failure. Widely used in clinical practice, it is suitable for those who are unsuitable to continue pregnancy for various reasons. At present, the medical community mainly adopts two methods of surgery and medicine to achieve the purpose of termination of pregnancy.

First, the surgical method:

1) Traditional flow: The use of vacuum suction to terminate pregnancy is characterized by simple methods, short operation time, and less postoperative bleeding. However, due to the inability to clearly see the state of the uterus, patients may experience severe abdominal pain. Arrhythmia, blood pressure, pale, dizziness, sweating or even fainting, and may appear uterine perforation and incomplete suction, leakage, intraoperative bleeding and other complications, so the patient is generally fear of the surgery.

2) Painless Abortion: Intravenous or local anesthesia is given at the same time as artificial abortion, so that the patient can perform surgery without feeling or pain. Because the patient's body muscle relaxation during the surgery, mental relaxation, making the operation time is short, the effect is good, greatly reducing the incidence of abortion complications, but the uterine perforation rate is higher than the traditional flow of people or drugs.

Second, medical abortion

For the age of 40 to 20 years old: pregnant women suffering from anemia, uterine fibroids and other gynecological diseases, severe allergies and alcohol and tobacco habits, should not use medical abortion. Must be under the doctor's observation and guidance. Complete medical abortion takes 3 to 7 days, bleeding time after abortion; longer, individual patients need bleeding because of bleeding, drug insensitivity and abortion.
The United States oral pain medication, if you heat the body at the same time oral painkillers can be half the time of drug onset.

☆ Uterus: If menstrual blood cannot flow freely from the cervix, but stays in the uterus and flows out slowly, it will cause pelvic congestion and increase pain in the menstrual period and back pain.

Tip: Keep your head low and hip high

Analysis: Dysmenorrhea when lying on the bed, raising the buttocks, to maintain this head and lower buttocks high position can improve the uterus's reclined position, to facilitate the outflow of blood, relieve pelvic cavity bleeding, reduce pain and back pain symptoms.

☆ Large intestine: The stress caused by constipation accelerates the peristalsis of the digestive tract, stimulates the uterus to contract tightly, and triggers short-term severe pain or aggravate dysmenorrhea symptoms.

Advice: Diet is light and easy to digest

Analysis: Ingestion of light and easily digestible foods to maintain smooth bowel movements can avoid severe dysmenorrhea due to digestive tract and increase menstrual pain.

Double Dome Flower OT Lamp

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