Species Name: Dahlia

Scientific name: Moneses uniflora

Alias: Independent Flower

Family: Rhododendron genus: Dahlia

Distribution of origin: originates from northeast China, northwest, Yunnan, Taiwan and Korean Peninsula, Japan.

Morphological chara.......

Urea can not be applied lime

Mr. Fang from Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, asked if applying urea can not apply lime?

A: The use of appropriate amount of lime in the southern acid soil is beneficial to crop growth and fertilizer efficiency, but the application of urea and lime can not be mixed, do not immediately a.......

How to fertilize high quality and high yield apples

There are many characteristic fruits in the northwest region. There are also many problems in fertilization in this area. Mr. Zhu of Fu County, Shaanxi Province, asked how to fertilize high-quality, high-yield apples.

Answer: To catch autumn basal fertilizers and the top dressing a.......

How to apply autumn base fertilizer to grapes

First, the benefits of fall fertilizer

The first is to increase the accumulation of nutrients in the tree body. The second is to facilitate root healing and new roots. The third is to avoid soil drought caused by fertilization. The fourth is to make basal fertilizer effective in ti.......

New agricultural machinery operation

After repurchasing the new agricultural machine, you must first carefully read the operating instructions of the machine before use, and pay attention to the following matters:

Use the specified grade of fuel, must be fully precipitated and filtered before use, oiler to keep clean........

Colorful leaves

Department name: Labiatae Scientific name: Coleus blumei-hybr Origin: Hybrid (Solanum latifolia, Sri Lanka) Morphology: Perennial herb Height crown: 20cm-80cm30-60cm Texture: Medium to coarse Color: Leaf color Very rich, colorful, is the most vivid and beautiful group of foliage plants. Flower.......

These fertilizers should not be used for vegetables

There are many kinds of chemical fertilizers, and there are more than 10 commonly used ones. Some fertilizers used in vegetables can improve the quality and yield, but some fertilizers can increase the yield when applied to vegetables, but it will cause toxin contamination of vegetables, c.......

How to identify true and false fertilizer?

The method for easily identifying the authenticity of fertilizers is summarized in five words: "see, touch, smell, burn, and wet."

one look:

(a) identify from the packaging:

1, check the sign. According to relevant national regulations, chemical fertilizer.......

How to conduct aquaculture in autumn

First, fertilize and promote strong. In autumn, the individual growth supply of aquaculture objects is relatively slow, mainly satisfying the body's energy storage, and timely feeding of concentrate feed can meet the needs of the cultured objects, which can not only increase the output.......


Alias: Calendula

Family is: Asteraceae Calendula plants.

Morphology: Jinjuju is a dwarf plant with dense flowers, colorful flowers, and a long flowering period. It is the most common herbaceous flower in early spring gardens and cities.

Origin: Calendula Origin Euro.......