Chinese medical team donates medical equipment to Zanzibar government

Chinese medical team donates medical equipment to Zanzibar government

In Tanzania Zanzibar Chinese medical team about $ 11 worth of donated medical equipment to the 4900 Zanzibar government, local hospitals and clinics to improve medical conditions.

Chinese medical team captain Zhu Xiangjun handed over the donated medical equipment to Zanzibar Minister of Health and Community Development Sultan Mehmet Mujal and said that the Chinese government will further strengthen cooperation with the Zanzibar government in the medical field.

Mugelle thanked the Chinese government for its long-term assistance to Zanzibar in economic and social assistance, especially medical services.

Since 1964 and 1968, the Chinese government has dispatched medical teams to Zanzibar and Tanzania. Up to now, more than 1,600 medical experts have been dispatched, and each year, the Tanzanian coalition government and the Zanzibar government donated approximately 400,000 yuan. Medicines and medical devices (US$1, about 6.82 yuan).

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