Futian to prevent premature aging of cotton

Futian to prevent premature aging of cotton

After the premature aging of cotton, the remedial measures are of little significance and emphasis is placed on prevention. From mid-July to early August, when cotton blooms and bells are in full bloom, vegetative growth and reproductive growth are well coordinated, and premature aging is not easy. The earlier the occurrence of premature aging, the more severe the reduction in production. In severe years, there will be premature failure of the fields in late August. How to prevent premature aging of cotton and increase production is an urgent problem to be solved in cotton production. Here are some measures to prevent premature aging of cotton.

1. Pay attention to the way of watering. Drought causes premature aging of cotton, and it is necessary to water in time without rain. It is advisable to use intermittent furrow irrigation and avoid flooding.

2. In the pruning of cotton fields that may have premature aging, after entering August is no longer fine pruning, some axillary buds can be retained to ensure that the cotton fields have enough vegetative organs for photosynthesis.

3. Immediately after topping, foliar fertilizer should be sprayed, once for 8 to 10 days. After the first nitrogen, potassium can be sprayed until August 10-15. Once de-fertilized, it is difficult to achieve the top of the peach. It is very important to spray two quick-acting potash fertilizers in the later stage for the upper knot bells, big bells, and sprues. The potassium is essential for the development of cotton fiber, so potassium can increase the number of coats. Especially for low-lying cotton fields, spraying potassium is more necessary. After the end of July, pest control can also be combined. Every 7 to 10 days, spray with 2% to 3% of urea and 0.2% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate once.

4. Pay attention to top dressing. For the early sowing, early development, early drought, cotton fields with many pre-fetched peaches, top dressing fertilizer should be applied before and after July 20.

5. Pest control. Timely prevention of Fuxi, red spider, cotton blind pupa and yellow wilt disease, etc., the use of different types of agents alternately or mixed effect is better.

6. Remove the knot. When the weather meets the rain, it must be promptly ploughed to get rid of the consolidation so as to facilitate the growth of the root system. The cultivator should not be too deep so as not to damage the root.

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