Swine floor ventilation

Swine floor ventilation

First, the winter outdoor temperature is minus 10 degrees → static temperature within the tunnel is 15 degrees → the tunnel ventilation outlet temperature is 6-7 degrees → the heating furnace warms the buffer room temperature 22-25 degrees → the pighouse temperature is controlled by an electronic regulator to control the temperature of the fan To 20-22 degrees;

Second, the summer outdoor temperature of 40 degrees → static temperature within the tunnel 18 degrees → tunnel ventilation outlet temperature of 21 degrees → below the buffer temperature of 23 degrees → the pighouse temperature with an electronic regulator to control the cooling fan to adjust the temperature to 26-28 degrees.

Explanation: It is not so much to solve the temperature problem here, it is better to solve the ventilation problem on the premise of guaranteeing the demand temperature, improve the air quality problem of the pig house, and only ensure the ventilation quantity can change the air quality.

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