Diesel engines are not supplied with oil

Diesel engines are not supplied with oil

Liu Guoyong, a driver at Pengjiazhuang Village, Beisu Town, Wuji County, said: “There is a three-wheeled low-speed vehicle with 1105 diesel engine in my home. I know very little about my knowledge of agricultural machinery maintenance. Here, I ask you a question: How does the diesel engine not supply oil? thing? How to deal with?

Jiqing Agricultural Machinery Repair Department, Wuji County, Li Qingzhang A: There is no oil supply in the diesel engine, and most of them belong to the oil supply system.

The symptoms of diesel engine oil supply are mainly as follows: The diesel engine cannot be started, or it stops on its own during operation. In the operation, if there is a slow acceleration of the diesel engine or the standard speed cannot be reached or even stop by itself, if it is determined that the fault does not occur due to other reasons, the entire oil supply system should be thoroughly inspected. The first thing to check is whether the fuel in the diesel fuel tank is sufficient and whether the diesel fuel pipe breaks down. If there is no abnormality in both cases, loosen the hollow screw on the diesel tubing between the diesel pump and the diesel filter to see if a rapid outflow of diesel occurs. If there is no diesel outflow, release the hollow screw on the fuel tank to the diesel filter on the diesel fuel filter. If there is still no fuel flowing out, it means that the diesel fuel on the fuel tank is blocked due to impurities and the diesel tube must be taken off. Cleaning; If there is a rapid outflow of fuel, indicating that the diesel filter in the diesel filter is blocked due to long-term use, the filter in the diesel filter must be replaced; if no problem is found in the above two areas, the throttle handle should be checked Whether it is in the open position, if the throttle handle has drooped to the maximum fuel supply position of the throttle, and there is no sense of stickiness up and down free movement, indicating that the speed control pull spring of the diesel engine has fallen off or broken, at this time just remove the diesel engine nameplate The cause of the accident was found; if there is a significant catch on the upper and lower activity handles, check that the speed-adjusting tension spring has not fallen off. After the nameplate is directly tilted by hand, the speed-adjusting arm on the speed-regulating lever pole is not able to turn, indicating that the speed is adjustable. The assembly fails, and the failure is mainly due to the loosening of the fastening screws of the governor bracket or the serious wear of the governor bracket. Plate, the throttle is in the closed position. At this time, it can only be sent to the maintenance department to remove the gear room cover for maintenance.

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