Wheat tip dead, how to remedy without irrigation

Wheat tip dead, how to remedy without irrigation

Different measures should be taken for different situations.

First, weed killers. Generally do not take special remedial measures. If the victim is heavy and the population in the field is small, the jointing and panicle fertilizer may be appropriately applied earlier, or the fertilizer amount may be increased appropriately. It is better to use some compound fertilizer when the soil in the field is moist, and it may be combined with the control of sheath blight, wheat spider and other pests and diseases. Add 1-2% urea, 0.2-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and appropriate amount of humic acid foliar spray to the liquid to promote the growth of the wheat seedlings.

Second, freezing injury. For field plots with large populations and young panicles with low freezing mortality rate, no remedial measures can be taken. If the frozen rate of young panicles exceeds 20%, timely fertilization should be used to promote the development of small tillers.

Third, the disease. For unclear reasons, the yellow field of wheat leaves can be combined with the control of wheat sheath blight, Jinggangmycin and triadimefon mixed application, or direct application of Jinggangmycin and triadimefon, such as Mai Anfeng , fast Likang, streptozotocin, etc. Triadimefon has good control effect on various wheat leaf diseases such as rust and powdery mildew, but the amount can not be arbitrarily increased, otherwise it may have adverse effects on wheat, generally 15% triazolamone wettable powder per acre 50 -100 g.

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