Meat rabbit winter fattening technology

Meat rabbit winter fattening technology

1. Choose a good rabbit or hybrid rabbit. Choose a long shape, head like a tiger head, well-developed limbs, uniform appearance, no infectious diseases, no close relatives fat fat rabbits the most appropriate. The varieties are resistant to rough-feeding, early growth, strong disease resistance, and good reproductive performance in New Zealand rabbits, California rabbits, Belgian rabbits, Rex rabbits, Saibei rabbits.
2. Deworming. Insecticides were given with levamisole hydrochloride tablets or injections. The injections were injected intramuscularly with 0.2 ml per kilogram of rabbit body weight. The tablets were fed with 1 tablet per 5 kg of rabbit body weight. Days were fed or injected once, and the mice were continuously fed or injected for 3 days. .
3. Male rabbits cast off early. Male rabbits that did not stay in the cast were castrated at 45-60 days of age to reduce feed consumption and increase weight gain and rabbit meat quality.
4. stomachic. Use artificial salt (magnesium sulfate) with 0.4 grams per kilogram body weight, take 2 times a day, on the 1st. Rhubarb sodium bicarbonate tablets can also be used, one tablet per kilogram of body weight, two times a day, once every two days. The above drugs need to be fed according to the standard amount. If the dose exceeds the dose, it can cause diarrhea and the drug can be stopped.
5. Supplement feed. In addition to feeding grass powder, pasture, fattening rabbits should be supplemented with concentrate feed. Its formula is recommended as follows: corn 10%, wheat bran 25%, bone meal 1.3%, soybean meal 25%, reconstituted 36%, fish meal 2%, table salt 0.5%, additive 0.2%.
6. Grass meal fermentation. In order to increase the utilization of grass powder by the rabbits, the hay powder can be fermented. Add 0.5% of salt water to the hay powder and mix it with wet. Hold it in groups and let it spread. It is suitable for compaction. It is compacted with a cylinder and sealed with a plastic cloth. Add 10% fermented grass powder to the compound feed and feed it 1 time each morning and evening.
7. Animal oils are fed. In the meat rabbit diet, 3 to 5 grams of each rabbit was added with cooked animal oil, and the fish was mixed and fed twice a day. During the feeding process, it is necessary to observe the reaction of the meat rabbit after eating, and immediately stop feeding the animal oil if there is diarrhea.
8. Cleverly feed malt. After germination of wheat or barley, good palatability, high digestibility, feeding rabbits can promote its growth and development, increase weight gain. Method of preparation: Select a suitable amount of wheat or barley with full grain and no insects, soak it in warm water of 45°C for 24 hours, and put it on the basket and put it on a sack to stimulate germination. After the wheat kernels are whitened, they are placed in a shallow sieve and spread 3 to 5 cm thick. The plastic film is placed on top and placed in an environment at room temperature of 20°C. It is sprayed with warm water for 3 to 5 times a day and the malt grows to 6 to 8 cm. Can feed.
9. Feeding. Feeding should be done qualitatively, quantitatively, fixed point, and timed. Meat rabbits have nocturnal habits, so they should be fed with night meals. Daytime diets feed 60% of the day. The trough can not be moved frequently, if it is cleaned, it should be put back to the original place to keep the original position of trough.
10. Strengthen management. Pay attention to environmental hygiene, rabbithouses, rabbit cages should be promptly cleaned and ensure regular disinfection, once a week rabbits and rabbithouses with a 1:1000 spray disinfection disinfection, disinfection of the audience every month, with 1:400 times Virus-resistant or with 2% formaldehyde for on-site disinfection. Pay attention to the ventilation and drying of the Cage and reduce the incidence of disease. Because the meat rabbits are timid and frightened, the farm stays quiet. Keeping animals entering the feeding room is prohibited from loud noises. Non-breeders are strictly forbidden to enter, and even no other livestock and poultry are allowed to enter the feeding room to keep the rabbit quiet and rest. Do a good job of cold work. The optimum temperature for fattening rabbits is 15°C to 25°C. Intensive winters should be strengthened. Repair rabbit houses against thieves, the doors and windows of the rabbit house, at night or in the snow and cold weather, we must hang the grass curtains to block, keep cold and keep the cold, but also keep the pens dry.
11. Timely slaughter. The rabbits grow rapidly in the early stage. The weight of the rabbits after weaning can reach 1 kilogram. After 3 months of feeding, they can reach 3 kilograms or more. Before 5 months of age, they must be slaughtered as soon as possible. After 6 months of age, growth slows down and consumes more feed. , Affect the effectiveness, so it should be timely to grasp the slaughter time.

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