The main points for raising the male deer during the wintering period

The main points for raising the male deer during the wintering period

The wintering period of the deer includes two stages of breeding restoration period and early velvet period. This period is generally from mid-November to the end of March of the following year, which coincides with winter and early spring.

After two months of breeding, the male breeding deer in the breeding period of the breeding period showed a significant decrease in body weight, a weak physique, a significantly reduced stomach volume, and a contraction of the abdomen. The weight of the non-matched male deer will also decline, falling by 15% to 20% compared with the fall. The physiological characteristics of male deer during this period are: gradual decline in sexual activity, increase in appetite and digestive function, and greater consumption of heat energy. According to this feature, when formulating diets, it is required to gradually increase the volume of diets and increase the proportion of thermal energy feeds. The diet should be dominated by roughage and supplemented by concentrated feed. At the same time, a certain amount of protein feed or non-protein nitrogen feed must be supplied to meet the needs of microbial growth and reproduction in the rumen. In concentrate feed, the protein feed accounts for about 20%, and the daily feed for concentrate feed is 0.8-1.2 kg for plum blossom and 1.2-1.8 kg for red deer.

The raw antler feed was stopped during this period of time. The appetite and digestive function were completely normal, and nutrients were stored for the raw antler. The diet should be based on dry roughage and silage corn, supplemented by concentrate feed. The proportion of protein feed should be gradually increased in the ratio of concentrate feed, and the proportion of protein feed should be 20% to 25%. The feed volume of refined feed should also be increased compared with the recovery period, and the average amount of plum blossoms per day is 1.2 to 1.5 kg. , Red deer is 1.8 to 2.5 kg. The male deer feeds the concentrate 2 times during the day, 2 to 3 roughages, and 1 roughage at night. In addition, during the wintering period, dry roughage and silage are generally used, but long-term feeding of silage can cause excessive ruminal acidity, thereby destroying the normal reproduction of rumen microbes. Therefore, sodium bicarbonate should be added regularly and quantitatively in the concentrate feed to neutralize the excess acid and maintain the normal hydrogen ion concentration in the rumen.

Winter deer management points

In order to reduce the physical depletion of the male deer during the wintering period and enhance their ability to resist cold, they must not suffer from rheumatism and other diseases. They must safely go through winter. In terms of management, first, they should adopt measures to drive the deer group every morning and implement night feeding. The shed must have enough dry excrement to act as a bedding, or be directly covered with grass straw such as bean straw and rice straw. Timely clearance of the snow in the pens and hallways, so that there are no snow and ice in the houses and corridors, to prevent the deer slipping and falling. Second, we must ensure that drinking warm water. Third, the interior should be windproof, keep warm, keep dry, and ensure good lighting. If the old, weak and sick male deer can be managed in a plastic greenhouse, the effect is particularly good. In the period from the 2nd to the 3rd of the early period of the velvet, the deer group will continue to be adjusted according to the body condition of the deer, and the frail and diseased deer will be pulled out of the group, and specially trained and properly managed. In this period, because the estrus of the ewes that have not yet been gestated and the estrus odor left during the breeding period are released when the weather turns warm, they often cause some young people to produce male deer and male deer libido, resulting in beaks, gladiators, and cramps. Sodomy can easily cause wounds such as perforation of the rectum, internal injuries, and extravasation of the lymphatics. Therefore, care should be taken to prevent and care for the deer.

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