Three Notes During Meat Dog Breeding

Three Notes During Meat Dog Breeding

Dog meat has a nourishing effect, is a high-protein, low-fat meat; skin can be processed into tanned skin; bone, blood, kidney, hooves can be used as medicine, dog treasure, dog whip is more valuable Chinese medicine. Fattening meat dogs will bring considerable income to farmers. According to the practice, the author suggests that everyone pay attention to the following three points in the specific breeding process:

1. Reasonable construction

Fattening meat dogs can use spare houses, surrounded by a fence or fence, as a sports venue. If you build a dog house specifically, you can choose to ventilate and dry the sun. Male dogs, bitches, pregnant dogs and fattening dogs are housed separately. A bathing pool should be built in the stadium and kept clean.

2. Variety selection

Use local dogs to breed with larger breeds and use their offspring to grow fat dogs. Bitch is mostly estrus in spring and autumn, with an annual output of 2 children.

3. Scientific management

The kennels should be regularly cleaned and disinfected to maintain good ventilation and light, as well as suitable temperatures. The dog's trough should be cleaned and disinfected every day.

The puppies should be observed and observed for the first 4 days after birth to prevent them from being killed or crushed by the bitch. After 5 days, the mother can enjoy the sun, which is conducive to the growth and development of bones and the prevention of osteomalacia. Deworming was conducted in 30 days, and then the insects were repelled once a month. On a hot day, bathe once a week to keep the body surface clean. During the early weaning period, the puppies are often frightened by the external environment and people. The breeders should treat each other kindly and train them to rest and defecate. At 60 days of age, vaccination is performed. The growth and development of meat dogs during the fattening stage is fast. It is necessary to adjust and increase the feed in time, strengthen health management, and appropriately reduce exercise so as to facilitate rapid fattening and slaughtering. Regularly comb the clean fur for nursing dogs, pay attention to the disinfection of the nipples and keep the delivery room clean. To ensure a quiet environment, bitches and puppies can rest comfortably. Male dogs should be raised in a single circle to ensure nutrition and regular activities, so that they have a strong body and strong breeding ability. After the feed needs to be cooked (steamed and expanded), add appropriate amount of vitamins, mix with warm water or broth, feed three times a day, and drink water freely. In order to calm the fattening dogs and improve the fattening effect, sedatives (such as rosin powder, hypnotics, etc.) can be fed from the age of 60 days when the body weight is 15 to 20 kg (approximately 120 days). Can be slaughtered.

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