150A 250B biochemical incubator instruction manual

150A 250B biochemical incubator instruction manual

First, biochemical incubator product introduction:
The biochemical incubator has a two-way temperature regulation system for cooling and heating, and the temperature controllable function is a laboratory, indispensable laboratory equipment for plant, biology, microbiology, genetics, virus, medicine, environmental protection, etc., widely used in low temperature constant temperature test. , culture tests, environmental tests, etc.
Its main features:
1. The insulation material of the box body is made of polyurethane foam foamed in the field, which has strong anti-interference ability to the external heat (cold) source.
2. The inner cavity is made by engineering plastic molding process and has strong corrosion resistance.
3. The all-glass door is convenient for observing the working cavity.
4. In order to protect the refrigeration compressor, the control circuit is designed with power-off protection and 4-minute delay function.
5, the temperature is automatically controlled, the red LFD display shows the number is intuitive and clear.
2. Biochemical incubator technical indicators:
Indicator Model 150A 250B
Effective volume 150L 250L
Temperature control range 5-50 ° C 5-50 ° C
Temperature accuracy +1 ° C +1 ° C
Compressor power 93W 105W
Heating power 100W 150W
Power exchange 220V 50HZ
Note: When cooling, the incubator is at an ambient temperature of 16-32 degrees.

Third, the biochemical incubator has two models:
150A type, biochemical incubator
250B type, biochemical incubator IV, biochemical incubator, three packs a year.

Five, biochemical incubator temperature control table button function
1. Cycle number key: Click the period number button to switch to display the current running period or number of segments. Press and hold the button 2S to enter the cycle setting state, and then press and hold for two seconds to exit.
2. Set the inquiry key: Click to enter the query status, you can query the current running number, set time, set temperature and set humidity, and then click this button to exit. Press and hold the button 2S to enter the segment number selection state. After selecting the number of segments, click the button to enter the parameter setting state. In the setting state, press and hold the setting query button 2S to exit the parameter setting state. (When the period is set to 0 and the first period is 0, the first program is always run);
3. Decrease button: When setting parameters, click this button to decrease the value by one. Press and hold the button to decrease the value continuously;
4, increase the key, when setting the parameters, click the key to set the value plus one, long press the key to set the value will continue to increase;
5. Return (back) button: In the parameter setting state of each segment, click this button to return to the previous parameter (only the parameters of the same segment can be switched). When there is an alarm buzzer, press this button to silence. In the running stop state, long press the button 4S to restart the controller from the first segment.
6. Temperature parameter (temperature) key: Press and hold the key 2S to enter the internal parameter state. Click this button to set the internal parameters, and then press 2S to exit.
7, lighting button: Click this button to have the light inside the box.
8. Power button: Click this button to enable the controller to work or enter the shutdown state.

In each setting state, if no button is pressed within 30 seconds, the program will automatically exit to normal operation.

Six, biochemical incubator temperature control table parameters description

1, the parameters of each segment:
Press and hold the setting query key 2S to enter the segment number selection state, and the cycle window displays “cH__”. Select the number of segments required, press this button to enter the parameter selection state of each segment. The parameter setting range is as follows:

Time: 0~99 hours 0~59 minutes;
Temperature: 0~60°C
Illuminance: 0~6.

2, internal parameter settings:
Press and hold the temperature key 4S to enter the internal parameter status, and enter the password LC=3. In the internal parameter state, press and hold 4S to exit, the parameter code is as follows

Parameter indication

parameter name

Parameter function description

Range (factory parameter)
AL Over temperature alarm When PV>SP+AL, there is cooling output 0.0~60.0 (1.5)°C
Ct Compressor start delay Compressor delay protection time, twice start time >= ct minutes 0~10 Min
Pb Zero adjustment Pb= Mercury thermometer reading value - current temperature measurement value -19.9~60.0°C
PK Full scale adjustment When the actual temperature is deviated, the parameter value can be corrected. PK=1000* (mercury thermometer reading - current temperature measurement) / current temperature measurement -199~999
uP Warming and cooling back When heating up, this parameter can control the compressor to open ahead, that is, when PV>=SP+uP, and when the delay time is greater than ct, there is cooling output, and the output light is always on. Only valid when the ALM lamp is flashing. 1.0~1.0
Dn Cooling and cooling back When cooling, this parameter can control the compressor to close early, that is, when PV<SP+dn, turn off the cooling output. Only valid when the ALM lamp is flashing. -1.2~0.8

Seven, customer detailed operation steps (biochemical incubator without this step)

Example: The equipment needs to work for 10 cycles, each period is 2 segments, the first segment (daytime) needs to work 12 hours, 4 levels of illuminance is required, the temperature is controlled at 20 °C; the second segment (evening) requires 12 hours, requires 0 level Illuminance, temperature control at 10 °C.

A: Press and hold the cycle button for 2 seconds to enter the cycle setting state. The cycle window flashes. You can change the setting period to “10” by adding the “∧” or decreasing button “∨”, and then press this button to exit. Then press and hold the setting/query button for 2 seconds to enter the number of segments to select the setting state, and set the light to be on. The period window displays: “cH”, the hour window flashes. Similarly, the number of segments can be set to “2” by adding the “∧” or decreasing button “∨”. Continue to click the setting query button to enter the modification status of the corresponding parameters of each segment. The period window displays the first “01” hour window flashing to display the set time of the current segment. You can modify the first period of time by 12 hours by adding the “∧” or decreasing button “∨”, and then click the Set Query button. The window flashes, set to 0 minutes, then click the setting query button, the temperature window flashes, modify the first set temperature to 20 ° C; then click the set query button, the light setting window flashes, you can increase the key by ∧ ” or reduce the key “∨” to modify the first illuminance to 4 levels; continue to click the setting query button to enter the second parameter setting, the same as the second time is set to 12 hours, the minute is 0, the temperature is set At 10 ° C, the illuminance is not set to 0. When the temperature of the second stage is set, click the set query button and return to the first parameter setting. Long press the setting query key 2S to exit.

The controller enters the running state, the running indicator lights, and the controller runs according to the parameters set by the user. The running time indication window displays the cumulative running period, the time is counted down, the time indicating window displays the hour, the minute indicating window displays the minute, and the second type flashes, the temperature indicating window displays the current measured value PV, and the light window displays the current output illuminance. When the first period of time is over, the program automatically switches to the second working state. When the second period of time is over, the running cycle is incremented by one, and the cycle is repeated. When the running cycle reaches the set cycle, the program will automatically end, the temperature window will display “End”, the buzzer will sound 30S, the running indicator will be off, and all outputs will be turned off. At this point, you can press and hold the back button 4S to restart, or press the power button, the controller enters the off state.

Eight, fault handling

When the temperature sensor fails, when the measured temperature is higher than 60 °C or when the circuit is open, the upper display of the temperature indication window displays “□□□”. When the temperature is lower than -5 °C, the lower row of the temperature indication window displays "□□□". Please check the wiring carefully in the above case. If there is no problem with the wiring, please replace the sensor. When the temperature measurement chip fails, the alarm light flashes, and the controller automatically controls according to UP and dn.

Nine, matters needing attention

1. After the equipment is grounded, if the ground is not flat, it should be leveled.
2. The movement of the equipment should be moved in parallel, and the inclination angle in any direction should be less than 45 degrees.
3. When the equipment is in normal operation, the load placed in the box should not affect the air circulation to ensure uniform temperature and humidity inside the box.
4. The wall of the tank wall and the surface of the equipment should be wiped frequently to keep it clean.
5, the equipment is not used for a long time, should unplug the power cord to prevent equipment from charging people. It should be operated regularly (usually in the first quarter) for 2-3 days according to the conditions of use, and the moisture of the electrical components should be removed in red to avoid damage to the device.
6. If the equipment fails, it should be repaired by a professional or a manufacturer.

Company: Jintan Jingda Instrument Manufacturing Factory

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