16 kinds of "main dishes" to be careful to eat

16 kinds of "main dishes" to be careful to eat

Cabbage, tomatoes, bean sprouts, potatoes, tea, etc. These are the vegetables we commonly eat. Sometimes we may buy more vegetables at a time. For example, potatoes bought before the few days did not have time to eat, today suddenly want to eat potatoes , But when they got up, they discovered that "the potato was only exposed." Oops, it was a small green bud. I believe that many families have encountered such a situation, and all of them once held the idea that "Nothing, hurry to eat them..." The idea was solved to solve those sprouted potatoes.

Just like ginger, we use ginger for seasoning. It is usually boiled fish to taste, so we don't use much. Usually, it takes a long time to buy ginger. Afterwards, we will find that some ginger have already had a small amount of rotten. However, when it is used again, it will be used... But you know, if you have such a long-term eating habit, The harm to the body is great. So what kind of "prepared food" is that we must be careful to eat it?

1 rotten cabbage:

After eating rotten Chinese cabbage, people will suffer from lack of oxygen and cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, abdominal distension, etc. In severe cases, they will cramp, coma, and even have life-threatening.

2 Green tomatoes:

It was determined that immature green tomatoes contain toxic substances called solanine, and the immature green tomatoes have a bitter sensation in the oral cavity, and nausea, vomiting and other poisoning symptoms may occur after eating, and the risk of eating raw is greater.

3 Rootless sprouts:

During the production process, multiple herbicides are applied so that the growing bean sprouts do not have roots. Herbicides contain harmful substances that cause cancer, teratogenicity, and mutagenesis.

4 Fresh yellow cauliflower:

Fresh yellow flowers are extremely toxic and dry products are non-toxic. Because fresh lily contains colchicine, this toxin can cause dryness in the throat, burning sensation in the stomach, and hematuria. If you first scald the cauliflower in boiling water and then soak it in cold water for more than 2 hours, changing the water in the middle will make the fresh cauliflower non-toxic.

5 sprouting green potatoes:

Germinated potato (potato) buds and green skins are high in solanine content and are easily consumed. Therefore, potatoes that germinate and have green skin are unfit for human consumption.

6 Rotten ginger:

The rotted ginger produces a highly toxic safrole. People eat this toxin, even if the amount is small, it can also cause hepatotoxicity and degeneration.

7 brown core cane:

The spoiled cane is black and tan in color and tastes like alcohol. This is caused by sugarcane being infected by Fusarium moniliforme and producing toxins.

8 moldy tea:

Moldy tea is a result of contamination with Penicillium and Aspergillus. If you drink moldy tea water, it can cause dizziness, diarrhea, and weight. It can cause necrosis of vital organs.

9 long-spotted sweet potatoes:

Black spots on sweet potatoes are caused by infection with black spot fungus and are easily poisoned after eating.

10 Yellow Tremella:

Spoilage of white fungus is caused by Flavobacterium contamination, eating can cause dizziness, abdominal pain and diarrhea and other poisoning.

11 Unsalted pickles:

If the amount of salt is not sufficient for pickles and the pickling time is less than 8 days, it may cause nitrite poisoning.

12 discolored seaweed:

If seaweed soaked in cold water is blue-purple, indicating that the seaweed has been contaminated by toxic substances before it is dried and packaged. This seaweed is harmful to the human body and cannot be eaten.

13 uncooked green beans:

If you eat uncooked green beans, or the appearance of green beans, poisoning after eating.

14 fresh fungus:

Due to the presence of a phenanthrene that is particularly sensitive to light, solar irradiation can cause solar dermatitis after eating.

15 Fresh Broad Beans:

Some foods can cause allergic hemolytic syndromes, and there are symptoms of generalized weakness and anemia.

16 fat big bean sprouts:

The bean sprouts made with chemical fertilizers are all white and fat, and there is a large amount of residual ammonia. Under the action of bacteria, ammonium nitrite will be produced. A lot of food will cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

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