Type and method of biscuit packaging

Type and method of biscuit packaging

Biscuits are convenient foods that people like to eat. They use flour, oil, and sucrose as the main raw materials, and dairy products, eggs, loosening agents, and flavoring agents as auxiliary raw materials. They are processed through mixing, molding, baking, and other processes.

Biscuits are baked and have a moisture content of less than 10%, usually 4-6%, so they are crispy and delicious. Once moisture absorption, moisture content increases, biscuits will be softened, quality greatly reduced, therefore, the most critical in the biscuit packaging is moisture-proof packaging, and secondly, some biscuits contain more grease, and the oil sees light easily oxidized, which is also the packaging Should be the key consideration. Therefore, in the biscuit packaging should be mainly used sealed light shielding, based on this, and then consider its commercial nature. The common methods for packaging cookies are the following:

(1) Plastic film sealed packaging Plastic film is a good moisture-proof packaging material. It is most widely used in biscuit packaging. There are mainly two forms: one is bulk, the biscuits to be measured are poured into a bag together, and then the heat is used. Sealing mouth; the other is the packaging, that is a certain amount of biscuits, usually about 50 ~ 100g, arranged in neat, and then sealed with film wrap. Film packaging, simple packaging and easy sales.

(2) Wax paper wrapped wax paper is a simple form of biscuit packaging, only p biscuits are arranged in order after the measurement, wrapped with wax paper wrapped. This method shading, moisture, lower cost.

(3) carton packaging carton packaging is the main form of biscuit packaging, a square, rectangular, round, shaped and other forms, packaging materials and more use of white paper, plastic paper and so on. When using a carton, the biscuits are first packaged in a film and the outside of the box is wrapped in wax paper or film. This kind of packaging has good packaging strength, certain pressure resistance, nice appearance, strong commercial property, good moisture resistance and good shading.

(4) Tie Ting Packaging Tie Ting Packaging is made of colored tinplate tins for listening and packaging. Iron can be heard in squares, rectangles, cylinders, ovals, and other shapes. When packaging, listen to internal plastic processing into a variety of slot-shaped film tray, lightweight, beautiful, neatly arranged biscuits, not broken. This kind of packaging has the best sealing performance, high packaging strength, bright appearance, generous, excellent shading, and durability. It is a high-level packaging for cookies.

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