Double aluminum packaging machine packaging preparation and packaging operations

Double aluminum packaging machine packaging preparation and packaging operations

Preparation before packaging

1.1 Turn off the UV lamp (the factory technicians open the UV lamp when they leave work the day before the production).

1.2 Check the cleaning status of the workshop and equipment, check the clearance certificate, verify the validity period, remove the label plate, and set the management according to the production department label management regulations.

1.3 The preparation squad leader fills in the working state according to the production instruction, and hangs the production signboard at the designated position.

1.4 Install the mold according to the process requirements. Wipe the double aluminum hopper, the lower groove, the aluminum foil rolling shaft, the conveyor belt, the mold and the related instruments that directly contact the tablets with 75% ethanol.

1.5 From the intermediate station, pick up the intermediate products and aluminum foil that need to be double-aluminum packaging, check the product name, specification, batch number and quantity, and check the appearance quality, and handle the handover according to the procedure.

2 packaging operations

2.1 Start the air compressor, check the compressed air pressure, cooling water, vacuum pump oil level, vacuum. Turn on the power, heat for a while, and preheat the packaging machine to the proper temperature.

2.2 Install the aluminum foil, the steel batch number, check the two, if the problem is found, adjust it in time.

2.3 Add the intermediate product to be packaged to the hopper, and strictly carry out the packaging operation according to the process requirements and the “SLB-240 Double Aluminum Foil Automatic Filling and Heat Sealing Packaging Machine Operation Procedure”.

2.4 During the packaging process, a special person checks the quality of the packaged intermediate products at any time, and wrinkles the aluminum foil, the batch number is not clearly printed, the missing film, the laminated piece and the airtightness are not strict, and the other products are removed for processing. After the statistics of the semi-finished products, the intermediate station will be handed over to the intermediate station for the handover procedure. The intermediate station administrator fills in the check-up form and sends it to the Quality Supervision Department for inspection.

2.5 After the operation is completed, fill in the double aluminum packaging record.

2.6 After the packaging is finished, remove the production nameplate, hang up the clearance card, follow the standard operating procedures of the clearing field, clean the standard operating procedures of the 300,000-level clean area, and clean the standard operating procedures of the double-aluminum packaging machine for clearing and cleaning. After the clearance is completed, fill in the clearance record, report to the quality inspector for inspection, and pass the clearance certificate.

3 matters needing attention

3.1 When working, always pay attention to whether there is any foreign matter in the hot-pressing roller, and foreign matter should be removed to avoid machine damage.

3.2 The adjustment of the hot pressing roller and shearing parts of the machine shall be carried out by the maintenance personnel, and the operator shall not adjust without the consent.
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