Agricultural vehicle replacement tire technology

Agricultural vehicle replacement tire technology

When a farm vehicle is driving, it is inevitable that tires will be deflated, nailed or punctured. How to replace the spare tire as soon as possible?

The methods described below will allow you to change tires quickly and well.

Keep in mind the direction of rotation of the wheel fastening bolts. The nut on the right side wheel is made into right-hand thread (orthodontic), and the nut on the left side wheel is made into left-hand thread (reverse teeth). Therefore, when loosening the left wheel nut, it should be forced clockwise. When tightening, it should be counterclockwise.

Use a diagonal, cross, or 3 or 4 twisting method to twist the nut to prevent the disc from deforming and acting on individual wheel bolts.

When disassembling, first use a socket wrench to loosen the wheel nut and temporarily remove it. Then use the jack to lift the axle until the tire slightly leaves the ground, then loosen the nut and lift the wheel.

Apply lithium-based or calcium-based grease on the thread first to reduce the possibility of sliding. When lifting and lifting the wheel, align the bolt holes so as not to damage the bolt threads. When tightening the nut, tighten it by hand and then loosen it under the wheel with a special wrench. When the nut is loosened, lift the jack and let the wheel fall to the ground. Use a torque of 200?400 N?? to cross-tighten each wheel nut.

When installing the tire assembly, the tire valve should be aligned with the bevel of the drum.

For the twin-wheeled rear wheels, pay attention to the following points:

If the wear levels of the two tires are not the same, one with a larger diameter and a lighter wear should be installed on the outside to meet the needs of driving on arched roads.

If you are only replacing the outer tire, tighten the inner nuts of the inner wheel first and then the outer wheels.

When two tires are replaced at the same time, jacks are used to jack up the wheel twice to install the inner and outer tires.

Brake clearance inspection holes on both wheels should be staggered.

The inner and outer wheel valves should be symmetrically arranged to facilitate inspection and adjustment of inner tube pressure.

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