Beware of Lamb Winter Diarrhea

Beware of Lamb Winter Diarrhea

With the advent of winter, lamb diarrheal disease has entered a period of high incidence. Because of its complicated pathogens, great harm, affecting the growth and development of lambs, and the death of lambs, Lamb Diarrhea has been a headache for the majority of sheep farmers. The author talks about his own opinions on the comprehensive prevention and treatment technology of the disease for the readers' reference.

First, the cause

1. Due to improper feeding and management, the lamb is undernourished, and the body has poor resistance to diseases. Bacteria, viruses, parasites and other pathogenic factors take the opportunity to invade the intestine, directly stimulating the gastrointestinal mucosa, disturbing the normal gastrointestinal secretion function, which leads to diarrhea in the lamb.

2. Feed the lamb with spoilage and forage grass; feeding from time to time, not quantitative; improper combination of refined roughage feed, overfeeding of feeds, unclean drinking water, etc. are all easy to induce diarrhea.

3. Lamb feeding environment is poor, housing is wet, no mat grass or grass, low insulation properties, sudden changes in climate, etc., can easily cause stress diarrhea in lambs.

4. Sheep house disinfection measures are not strict. After the lamb is born, the pathogenic microorganisms invade into the digestive tract through the umbilical cord, ewe's nipple, ewes' body surface, and feedstuffs, which stimulate the digestive tract mucosa and affect the normal absorption function of the lamb. This leads to diarrhea.

Second, the symptoms

At the beginning of the disease, the lamb was depressed, weak, bowing down, not eating milk, then diarrhea, some were porridge-like, some were watery, the color was green, yellow-green, gray, etc., and there was bad odor, and the temperature increased. High, short urine. When the condition is serious, it is difficult to get up and lie down. Elderly people with an impaired course have reduced appetite or wereted, have sunken eye sockets, rough hair, body tremors, wail, rapid heartbeat, weak pulse, and death. The course of diarrhea caused by E. coli is slightly longer, often due to dehydration; diarrhea caused by stress is often indigestion, faecal color is similar to forage color, gray or brownish, with undigested feed; viral diarrhea is mostly water sample Diarrhea, rapid infection, high mortality.

Third, treatment

1. Western medicine therapy: intramuscular injection of "poisonous effects" (main components: enrofloxacin) and "diarrhoea quick stop" (main ingredient: Andrographis), and oral "Furak" (main ingredient: neomycin sulfate ).

2. Chinese medicine therapy: According to the principles of heat-clearing, detoxifying, spleen-eliminating, dampness-resisting, and astringent-intestinal diarrhea, the lamb can be fed with "a dose of diarrhea and loose powder" (main ingredients: Pulsatilla, talc, astragalus, cork, psyllium, and yam) Gold, wolfberry fruit, woody, herb, gardenia, Salvia miltiorrhiza) simultaneously with anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory, fluid invigorating heart, improve the body's resistance.

Fourth, prevention

1. Strengthen the feeding and management of ewes during pregnancy to ensure that the lambs produced are robust and adequate in breastfeeding, and that they will be able to resist attacks by pathogenic microorganisms from outside.

2. Focus on sanitation, ewes' body surface and breast hygiene. After the lamb was cut off, the umbilical cord was immediately sterilized with 2.5% iodine. At the same time, it was ensured that the lamb would eat colostrum in time; isolate the diseased lamb in time and strengthen the nursing; the sheep farm should be regularly cleaned and the housing should be disinfected regularly to keep the environment and utensils. Cleanliness.

3. Make great efforts to improve the growth environment of the lambs, prevent the cages from being wet, work hard and dry soil or change the beddings to reduce the stress on the lambs.

4. Strengthen the nutritional needs of the lamb. In terms of feeding, the lambs should be eaten as early as possible, supplemented as early as possible, and fed with full-price milk substitute granules. After bred, the lambs should be divided into stages and weights, gradually increasing the amount of whole-fattening granules. Astragalus polysaccharides and various vitamins are added in drinking water or feed to increase resistance to disease; it is forbidden to feed lambs with frozen, mildewed, and adulterated feeds.

5. Insect the lambs at an appropriate time, and do a good job of vaccination against diseases such as sheep epidemic, Japanese encephalitis, brucellosis, and foot-and-mouth disease.

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