Facilities how to manage strawberry even cloudy days

Facilities how to manage strawberry even cloudy days

First, insist on unveiling the curtain at noon even if it is cloudy. As long as the drafting curtain is not cooled, we should insist on exposing it. Can promote the plant to receive scattered light, increase the ability of the plant to adapt to the light, which will help increase production.

Second, the appropriate heating and even cloudy days to warm the facilities must not make the temperature of strawberries too high, especially the night temperature can not be too high. Because the night temperature is high, the breathing is strong and the consumption is high. Even if the drafting curtain is exposed during the day, the nutrients produced are not much, and they cannot withstand the night-time consumption. Warming usually takes place at night and is ventilated shortly before and after noon. If the seedlings are small, it is better to add a small shed in the greenhouse so that the soil temperature drops less, and the degree of wilting can be greatly reduced after clearing.

Third, reduce the humidity on the front of the greenhouse to add a waterproof ditch, in the ditch bottom laying film, the film inside the water flow, discharge outside the shed or puncture into the ground. The relative humidity of the air in the shed is controlled to be below 85% in time, which can effectively control the germination of most fungal spores and thus control the occurrence and infection of strawberry fungal diseases. After the strawberry is planted, the entire film is covered in the shed and all the ground in the shed is closed to minimize evaporation of soil moisture. After watering under the membrane, close the water inlet to prevent moisture from evaporating and leaking. The ground film hole at the junction of the ground stems should be sealed with soil. When the humidity in the greenhouse is too large, 20-25 cm thick wheat straw or wheat bran can be laid between rows, which can absorb the excess moisture in the greenhouse, absorb heat during the day, and increase the temperature in the night shed.

Fourth, increase the light in the strawberry shed indoor north of the low light back wall hanging a 1.5 meters wide reflective screen, can significantly enhance the northern side of the studio lighting, enhance plant photosynthesis. An incandescent lamp can also be used as a light source for additional lighting treatment. Each 100 watt lamp has an area of ​​about 7.5 square meters. The lamp holder is at a height of 1.8 meters from the end of November to mid-February, every day from 5 to 10 pm Add 5 to 6 hours.

5. Assisted Pollination In the strawberry flowering period, artificial pollination can be conducted, indoor bees can also be placed, and pollination by honeybees can have a multiplier effect of pollination.

Sixth, if a long time, if the weather is too short, once sunny, the light is strong after exposing the grass, the temperature swells, the strawberry plant water transpiration is accelerated, and the root absorbs water slowly, so that the leaves will appear wilting . Don't immediately uncover all the curtains. Open them one at a time and uncover the rest of the straw until 1 pm or 2 pm. The temperature in the shed slowly rises, allowing the strawberry to adapt to prevent strawberry disease. If no measures are taken, permanent wilting will occur. When the wilting is found, immediately lay down the grasshopper and wait for the leaves to regenerate and then roll up. When the wilting occurs again, let it fall again. Repeating several times, the leaves will recover quickly and the wilting time will be short until they no longer wilt. When the wilting is heavy, it is also possible to spray water on the leaves so that the leaves can absorb a part of the leaves and alleviate the water deficit. This has a good effect on shortening the wilting period.

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