In the late growth period of pepper, strengthen management and increase income

In the late growth period of pepper, strengthen management and increase income

The current winter and spring peppers have entered the late growth stage, at this time to strengthen the management of benefits.

There are several characteristics in the late growing period of pepper: First, the roots are aging, and the ability to absorb nutrients is reduced: Secondly, the resulting parts are too high, the nutrient supply channels are too long, nutrients are consumed more, and the third is the intersection of peppers and leaves in the shed, and the field is covered with delicacy. . In view of these three weaknesses, rational application of top dressing and timely plant adjustment can increase yield.

Fertilizers outside roots can promote plant growth and flower bud differentiation, and reduce bud falling. All water-soluble fertilizers can be applied with the water, but excessive application of compound fertilizers is not allowed. Excessive application of the compound fertilizers will harm the root system of peppers and play an opposite role. In addition, the combination of spray application of foliar fertilizer can prevent chili from affecting yield and commerciality due to lack of nutrients.

Plants to adjust the late growth of pepper to the side branch results mainly to close to the main branch of the fruit is better, as long as the position is right, each side branch can be left fruit. For varieties with particularly strong fruit setting, pay attention to fruit thinning. Each side branch shall retain 1-2 commercial fruits. After the fruit is picked, the side branch shall be removed in time to reduce nutrient consumption.

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