Leek Landfill Chemical Control Technology

Leek Landfill Chemical Control Technology

1, adult control. In the adult period, 90% trichlorfon can be sprayed with 800-1000 times liquid; or 90% trichlorfon is used with 100-150 grams per acre, and a small amount of water is mixed with 15-20 kg of fine soil. Toxic soil; or use 50% phoxim EC 200-250 grams per acre, add water 10 times, spray on 25-30 kg of fine soil and mix well into poisonous soil, apply along the ridge, then shallowly, or with the same The amount of poisonous soil is sprinkled on the seed ditch or the ground, then turned over, or applied in combination with irrigation to kill insects.
2, larval control. In the largest area where larvae occur, liquid can be used for irrigation. With 90% trichlorfon 800-1000 times, or 50% dioxin sulfur oil 800-1000 times Irrigation root can kill the rhizosphere larvae. The drug should be stopped 15 days before harvest.

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