What are the methods of anti-corrosion of lambskin and suede?

What are the methods of anti-corrosion of lambskin and suede?

In order to ensure the quality of the skin, after peeling off, do anti-corrosion treatment, there are the following common methods: (1) Drying method. This method can be used for furs slaughtered in the cold winter and spring. The skin is down, the hair is facing up and tiled on a wooden or concrete floor. Straighten the head and limbs in a natural position but do not stretch them too much until the skin is set and then peeled off. Then place the skin up and dry it in the shade. Avoid exposure to sunlight. (2) salting method. Also known as dry pickling method, the salt is evenly spread on the surface of the board, the amount of salt is 35% to 50% of the tare weight; will be sprinkled with salt, the surface of the sheepskin is opposite, piled into a small bowl, marinated 2 ~ After 3 days, pull out to dry.
(3) Salting method. Also known as water pickling. Put a 25% salt solution in a wooden barrel or sink, immerse the fresh skin, soak it in for a day and night; remove the sheepskin, place it on a wooden pole, drip the water, and then spread it by dry salt at a tare weight of about 20%. On the skin, dry it.
(4) Light dry skin antiseptic method. Remove the peeled skin and rinse it with cold or soapy water. Put it in clean water (preferably soft water) or rinse with water and add antiseptic. Rinse the clean water and shape it. Sack cloth with wood frame (skin board down), dry or dry Serve. The leather plate treated by this method has a large area, a thin skin, a clear flower case, and a beautiful appearance. In addition, there are other methods of preservation, such as pickling and corrosion protection, freeze preservation, and fermentation softening and preservation. Because these methods require certain conditions, they are rarely used in production. Qian'an City Agricultural Information Center

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