In the wheat field, the application of ash to increase fertility promotes long-term preservation of wetlands.

In the wheat field, the application of ash to increase fertility promotes long-term preservation of wetlands.

Besides being rich in potassium, calcium and phosphorus nutrients, plant ash also contains various nutrients such as magnesium, sulfur, iron and silicon, and it is a fast-acting fertilizer with high fertilizer efficiency. Practice has proved that spreading wheat ash from the seedling stage to the jointing stage of wheat not only can supply nutrients and promote growth, but also can prevent freezing and heat preservation; at the same time, it can also reduce pests and diseases to a certain extent, which has the effect of saving more money at one stroke. The specific approach is: 1, 30-50 kilograms of plant ash. After the rain or irrigation, it is spread between wheat rows and then ploughed into the soil. 2, 30-50 kilograms of ash with plant ash, when the dew does not dry in the morning and evening, spread evenly on the foliage. The above two methods, you can choose one, pay attention not to use saline and alkali grass ash.

Garlic has always been treated as a natural antiseptic since ancient times, saying that "natural antibiotics".

Garlic as a condiment, widely used in cooking, food processing field .Shandong Province is the famous area of producing planting garlic,The garlic in here has full grain, and high garlic allicin composition .So it is welcomed by consumers around the word.

Garlic divide into 4L (diameter greater than 6.5cm), 3L (6.5CM- 6.0CM), 2L (6.0CM-5.5cm) ,L(5.5CM-5.0CM)and other specifications according to its diameter,The packing method is that packed in weight 10kg

/CTN,20kg/CTN,10kg/bag,20kg/bag or packed by the number (3 per bag)..

Whether China or foreign, garlic, in addition to food, there are many legends of the medicinal. Among them, whether the cancer can be particularly cited concern. In many parts of the world, a survey of cancer and diet structures has shown that garlic may help to help the digestive tract cancers. In China, for example, in the 70's in the last century, Shandong's survey found that the cancer mortality rate in Qixia is 12 times that of Cangshan. These two counties are only 300 kilometers apart, the geographical environment, life customs are similar. The difference is that Cangshan is the township of garlic, the per capita annual eat 6 kilograms of garlic, while Qixia is only 0.5 kg. In addition, Cangshan garlic with selenium more. So, it is speculated that garlic and selenium help cancer. There are two case control studies to support this conjecture: the incidence of gastric cancer in garlic and garlic is lower. But this is still not enough evidence to prove it. For example, Qixia is rich in apples, can not say that eating apples more than the cause of Qixia cancer prone.

Japan also has a small scale experiment with more than 30 volunteers, showing that garlic extract may inhibit the occurrence of colorectal adenoma. But a large study by the Peking University and the Beijing Cancer Hospital, a large study shows that: short term Helicobacter pylori treatment can reduce the appearance of the stomach precancerous lesions, and vitamin and garlic supplements have no effect.
In the face of these inconsistencies, or even contradictory findings, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is "not recommending any dietary supplements to prevent cancer, but that garlic is a potential cancer resistant vegetable". For most people, it's safe to eat it, except for the garlic. Garlic has the role of anti coagulation, which is not a problem for the average person, but if the operation before and after the surgery, and those who are prone to bleeding and bleeding difficulties, this "side effect" is worth noting.
Eat garlic whether to cancer


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