Kim Baba Dry Sausage Broiler Breeding chickens easily spend hot summer

Kim Baba Dry Sausage Broiler Breeding chickens easily spend hot summer

Many people have concerns about the fermentation beds, which are already hot in summer, and because of the heat produced in the fermentation beds, pigs are more difficult to raise. Practice has proved that, as long as technical requirements are met, Jinbao Dry Sausage Fermenting Bed Pigs can easily survive the hot summer, and most of the farm use effect is significantly better than the cement housing.

Although the temperature in summer has always been high, more than 160 heads of 200 kilos of gilts in a pig broth in Huiying Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., Mengcun Village, Pauhu Town, Changge City, Henan Province, China Live in a circle and rest peacefully on dry litter. Eighty-nine pregnant sows are kept in a circle and are very kind to each other. This is the result of the use of the Tremella dry fermentation bed technology. Before this, the field successively used the wet fermentation bed technology provided by several merchants that needed to be fermented in advance and finally ended in failure.

The reason why Jinbao dry-type fermentation beds can be applied very well in the summer is mainly to take the following measures.

First, increase the intensity of ventilation and cooling, it is best to install a cooling fan.

Open doors and windows as large as possible, add skylights and windows. The combination of the sunroof and the floor-to-ceiling windows can form an all-weather exchange air flow, which is very conducive to the exhaust gas and moisture emissions in the fermentation bed housing, and does not consume electrical energy.

The chiller is a device that uses water evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature. Positive pressure ventilation is implemented. The doors and windows are fully opened during operation, and the exhaust gas is quickly discharged. This is particularly suitable for fermentation bed houses.

Second, rearing breeding sows, breeding boars and finishing pigs in the stage, the fermentation mattress material is divided into the fermentation area and lying area. The excrement is buried in the fermentation area and excrement is not filled in the lying area to avoid heat production in the lying area. The litter in the lying area is not only kept dry, but also the temperature is a few degrees cooler than the temperature. The pig lies down comfortably and coolly. Lying for a long time, warm the surface of the litter, the pig will lie in a new place.

Third, appropriate to reduce the breeding density of large pigs to prevent litter in excrement and water accumulated too much.

4. The roof is constructed of heat-insulating materials or covered with a sun-protective layer, and tall trees such as fast-growing poplars are planted before and after the shed, and climbing plants are planted.

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