Sow constipation after childbirth

Sow constipation after childbirth

After sowing, the sows undergo great changes in their physiology. In particular, the digestive organs of pigs are abnormally active after being relieved of squeezing. The ability to absorb water in the intestine contents is enhanced. If the feeding and management are unscientific, constipation can be easily formed. Cause no food, abdominal distension, fever, pull "abacus beads" like manure, the elderly can be longer than 1 month, lactation stopped, seriously affecting the development of the pig.

Control methods: First, increase sow activity and promote digestion. Second, in the prenatal postpartum 10 to 15 days after feeding more green and juicy feed. Third, in the prenatal postpartum 7 to 10 days postpartum, in their feed by adding 2% to 4% of vegetable oil, there is a lubricating effect on the intestine. Fourth, add some bran in the sow feed. 5. Add appropriate amount of magnesium sulfate to the sow feed. 6. When sows are fed postpartum, they cannot feed large amounts of feed at one time. Gradually increase the amount of feed until they resume normal feeding. Seven, sows are prone to constipation when they have a fever, so they should be promptly treated when the sow has a fever.

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