Microwave medicinal dryers effectively improve the grade and yield of medicinal materials

Microwave medicinal dryers effectively improve the grade and yield of medicinal materials

The drying of Chinese herbal medicines is related to the dry drying of life safety. There are strict requirements for pharmacology, storage, temperature and humidity after drying. In the actual Chinese herbal medicine drying and drying market process, the medicinal materials themselves need and have the characteristics that cause the drying process to change more and more sensitive to the temperature and humidity required for storage. The traditional drying process technology is difficult to meet the needs of the real world, and the pharmacological properties of the drug are even more inadequate. Ruiqi Chinese herbal medicine dryer is a precision drying equipment based on the pharmacology of Chinese herbal medicines. It is a technical revolution in the history of Chinese herbal medicine drying.

The so-called Chinese herbal medicines, such as: Chinese wolfberry, Atractylodes, Poria, Qianfu, Ziyuan, Pinellia, Radix, Codonopsis, Lily, Dried Ginger, Gastrodia elata, Chinese yam, White peony, Chuanxiong, Banlangen, etc., in the history of Chinese medicine, China The medicine is profound and profound, and the Chinese herbal medicines are all inclusive. As for the drying, the traditional craftsmanship in the present society is clearly unable to meet the current requirements. The new type of drying should fully consider the design of automatic drying equipment according to the characteristics of large changes in the drying process of Chinese herbal medicines, varieties, sensitivity to temperature and humidity.

The introduction of microwave technology is a thorough technical innovation in the drying of Chinese herbal medicines. Microwave process drying technology Regardless of the shape of each part of the material, microwave heating can simultaneously infiltrate electromagnetic waves in the material table to generate thermal energy. With selective heating, especially in the heating process, the center temperature of the material tends to be slightly higher than the surface, which is beneficial to the smooth discharge of water vapor inside the material. Therefore, the uniformity of heating inside and outside the material is basically the same, and there is no occurrence of surface burnt or surface ripening due to heat conduction in other heating methods. Microwave heating has thermal and biological effects, so it can be sterilized and mildewed and kept fresh at lower temperatures (low temperature vacuum). Combined with microwave heating speed and short time, it can maximize the activity of materials and the color and nutrients of original materials.

Chinese herbal medicine drying equipment dryer takes the concrete dryer as an example. The characteristics of the drying machine are: a high degree of automation, anti-sticking and anti-breakage; b large drying capacity, uniform drying, high efficiency of finished products; c drying cycle Short, the largest production; d environmental protection and energy saving, saving labor and time; e can ensure that the dry 枸杞 peel folds moderate, color rosy, consistent color, no oil, no residual sulfur, all indicators meet export requirements; f equipment configuration advanced, science.

Chinese herbal medicine drying equipment dryer belongs to the microwave dryer sequence, the characteristics of microwave dryer: traditional heating method has drying room (box), infrared, far infrared, hot air drying. The heat source is usually electric heating, fuel burning, and solar energy. The method is: energy→energy→heating air, water, other liquid→by convection, conduction→material heating→heating by surface and inside. It is very easy to appear in the table, the surface is scorched, discolored, deformed, etc. Microwave heating firstly has strong penetrating ability, uniform heating and heating at the same time in the material table, and the heat transfer is consistent with the diffusion of water, which is beneficial to the internal water vapor discharge.

Chinese herbal medicine drying equipment dryer microwave unique process, through the unremitting efforts of Shanghai Ruiqi food machinery brand and research and development of the latest generation of new dryer - microwave dryer. Ruiqi microwave dryer except Chinese herbal medicine dryer also has honeysuckle dryer, tea killing machine, agricultural by-product dryer and so on. Such as microwave drying the world's waves, and set off a new wave of drying equipment.

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