Take a smokeless barbecue as a fashion! Commercial new environmentally friendly charcoal grill, custom-made environmentally friendly stainless steel

Take a smokeless barbecue as a fashion! Commercial new environmentally friendly charcoal grill, custom-made environmentally friendly stainless steel

Take a smokeless barbecue as a fashion! Commercial new environmentally friendly charcoal grill, Tongyuan custom environmental protection stainless steel integrated smokeless barbecue machine, two purifiers smoke-free environmentally friendly grill

1, the fuselage is all stainless steel structure, sturdy and durable, long service life, regular shape, generous and beautiful.

2, easy to operate, traditional charcoal baking method, plug and play ready to use.

3, flexible movement, low noise, easy maintenance and easy maintenance, low operating costs.

4, a wide range of applications, barbecue shops, restaurants, hotels, etc.

5. The fume purification efficiency is high and the deodorization effect is good.

6, can also be uncertain design, tailored to the needs.

7. Purification equipment is produced by large formal environmental protection equipment manufacturers, with reliable qualification certification and quality assurance to ensure after-sales.

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Stainless steel charcoal grill charcoal smokeless grill on both sides of double-sided oven


Changzhou Tongyuan Food Machinery Factory is located in Niutang Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. It is a national stainless steel town with a long tradition of stainless steel, skilled technology and exquisite workmanship. Located in the south of Jiangsu Province, the transportation is convenient, the logistics is developed, the freight can be saved, and the transportation time is saved. All the products of the shop are made by the manufacturers, the work is delicate, and the quality is guaranteed.

Reasonable price products sell well all over the country. Under the normal use of the furnace, the replacement is replaced within one year. We pay more attention to after-sales service, so that buyers can buy it with ease and comfort.

All stainless steel structure is beautiful and sturdy

Put the baking trough on the work surface and plug in the electricity to use the traditional charcoal roasting method.

Efficient purification of soot and soot, does not affect the taste of the barbecue, low noise, easy maintenance, and flexible movement.

Other specifications are negotiable, special products can also be customized


1. Wide range of applications: hotels, restaurants, canteens, food processing plants

2, easy to install: use the flue to link the purification system, fix it

3, compact structure: wet and mechanical concentrated in one, occupying less space

4, good deodorization effect: can eliminate more than 50% of kitchen odor

5, high purification efficiency: can make hotels, hotels, Anli in the downtown and commercial and residential buildings, to facilitate the lives of citizens, and create a sound economic development policy.

[Tongyuan stove] Product 2: Fully automatic flipping roast whole lamb stove, the shell is made of stainless steel sheet, laser cutting, beautiful appearance, and has the characteristics of consumables, high thermal efficiency, low cost and convenient movement.

This machine adopts advanced stepless speed regulating motor to automatically flip and adjust the speed when turning, automatic temperature control, convenient operation, safe and reliable.

The roasted whole sheep is brownish red and the meat is succulent. [Changzhou Tongyuan Food Machinery Factory] tastes mellow, beautiful and tender, and fragrant.

Grilled whole lamb oven is suitable for high-end hotels, western restaurants, cafeterias, food stalls, barbecue shops, leisure villas, farmhouses and other places.

[Tongyuan stove] product three, fully automatic flip roast leg: stove: fuel: charcoal material: 201 non-magnetic steel plate, can be customized 4-10 heads, that is, can bake 4-10 baking products at one time.


1. This equipment has achieved a real smokeless barbecue, which is healthy and environmentally friendly;

2, with adjustable motor, automatic rotation. It has the characteristics of roasting and stuffing, fast baking speed, fast fire, concentrated temperature, good heat insulation effect and uniform baking.

3. Use 0.8 and 1.0 thick stainless steel. The weld is polished and resistant to high temperatures. The structure is sturdy and beautiful.

4, can do roast leg of lamb, grilled lamb chops, roasted rabbits and other large pieces of baked goods. It is the best use product for grilled whole lamb shop and mobile grilling stalls.

Smokeless principle:

Below the grill is a water box with carbon boxes on both sides. During the baking process, the grease or seasoning drops into the water box to avoid dripping on the charcoal to produce soot. The national delivery motor warranty is one year, and there is a bad replacement.

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