Agricultural Machinery Business Should Be Cautious of Tire Storage

Agricultural Machinery Business Should Be Cautious of Tire Storage

Tyres are one of the most important components of various motor vehicles such as agricultural vehicles and they are also components with higher prices. The performance of these tires directly affects the safety, handling stability, driving ability, riding comfort, and energy saving economy of vehicles. Sex and so on, for this reason, agricultural machinery and materials business households should pay special attention to the prevention of tire aging and deterioration of elasticity, and extend the service life of tires to ensure the normal use of tires purchased by drivers.

1. Store the storeroom of the tire not close to where there is power generation equipment or produce ozone, in case of accelerated oxidation of the tire.

2, the tire and inner tube should be placed in a dry and dark warehouse, avoid sunlight, and should not be excessive ventilation; warehouse temperature -10-30 °C, relative humidity of 50% -80% is appropriate.

3, tires or packaged tires should be placed on a wooden frame, and regularly change its support point, every 3 months to turn its fulcrum once; should not be placed flat stacked, as a last resort, flat stacking should not exceed 5, and Big tires should be placed below.

4. The storage location of the tire in the warehouse should be 1 meter away from the heat source equipment. It should not be put together with oils, flammable materials, acids, alkalis, and other chemicals so as to avoid deterioration due to corrosion.

5, packaged tires, do not tear the packaging skin, must be stored.

6. If the tires are mounted on agricultural vehicles or tractor trailers, if they are to be parked for a long time, the vehicle body shall be erected with wooden blocks and the air in the tires shall be put.

7. When the tire and the inner tube are stored together, they must be slightly inflated and coated with talcum powder on the inner surface of the inner tube.

8. If the inner tube needs to be stored separately, it should be hung on a semi-circular frame under the inflated state, and often rotate the fulcrum to prevent deformation or wrinkle.

9. The longest period for storing tires and tires should not exceed 3 years.

10. In the storage of tires, they should be stored in batches according to the time of production or storage, first-in, first-out, and in order.

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