How to preserve winter beans

How to preserve winter beans

For the vegetable growers who grow bean, the most troublesome problem is the falling of flowers in the winter, because the beans have higher requirements for temperature, light, humidity, and nutrients. Once they are not well managed, they can easily cause falling flowers and falling down. Therefore, how to protect flowers in winter is a difficult point in the management of kidney beans.

First of all, the temperature must be mastered. Beans are particularly sensitive to temperature, and too high or too low a temperature can cause flowers to fall out. Generally speaking, the optimum temperature for bean pods is 19-25°C. Higher than 25°C or lower than 19°C can cause flower buds to fail to differentiate properly. Caused by falling flowers.

Second, to ensure adequate light. The farmers complained that the plant was the most serious because of the dense planting, excessive foliage, and weak light at the bottom. Therefore, it is necessary to timely and sparsely picking leaves to improve the ventilation and translucency between the plants; using a film with good drip-free performance, rub the film frequently to improve the transparency of the film; .

Again, nutrition should be well coordinated. Undernutrition of the bean will directly lead to falling down. It is recommended that vegetable growers should use organic fertilizer as the main fertilizer (eg, 1000-2000 kg per acre for large-source fish protein fermented soybean meal, 1000 kg per mu, etc.), combined application of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. 20:20:20) and attach importance to the application of trace elements in fertilizers. It is also necessary to adjust the amount of watering so as to achieve prosperous control and concentrate nutrient supply for the growth of flower buds, which can reduce the occurrence of falling flowers.

At the same time, there is a need to regulate the humidity in the shed. In general, when the air humidity is too high or too small, pollen grains cannot be pollinated normally, resulting in falling flowers. The reporter learned that in the management of kidney bean, the farmers have the concept of “dried flowers and dampness”. That is, when the kidney bean is in flowering, it is not watered, and it waits until it is watered after sitting on it. In fact, this practice is wrong. If the air humidity is too low, it is not easy for the bean to sit on it. It is advisable that the vegetable farmer depends on the condition of the shed. If it is too dry, it should be a small amount of water.

In order to prevent the emergence of falling beans in kidney bean, it can be sprayed with 1500 times of booster when the bean vines climb to the steel wire. It can prevent vine growth and promote flowering. In the event that the disease is caused by serious illnesses, 3000 times naphthalene acetic acid can be used to infuse the bean inflorescences, applying 1-3 times depending on the specific situation.

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