Birds do not forget to prevent disease

Birds do not forget to prevent disease

Now, more and more people like to raise birds. However, in the period of bird flu proneness, if improper breeding of birds does not strengthen prevention, bird disease will be brought to humans. To prevent the occurrence of bird diseases, we must do a good job in comprehensive prevention and control measures for "fighting, preventing, treating, and eliminating."

Family-watching birds have a small amount of physical activity because they have lived under artificial feeding conditions for a long period of time. They are physically weaker than wild birds, and their disease resistance is weak. Such diseases as malnutrition, feed deterioration, drinking water contamination, sudden changes in the weather, and scaring can all lead to disease. Therefore, every morning and evening, we must carefully observe the bird's mental state and timely understand the bird's health. We must do a good job of feeding and management in peacetime, and feed should be diversified. Don't be too single. In summer, it is necessary to pay attention to sunstroke prevention and cooling. Bird bathing is often provided. Bird cages should be placed in a cool, ventilated place. Winters should be protected from cold and heat insulation. Spring and autumn seasons should be well disinfected.

In order to prevent diseased birds from spreading the disease to humans and other Healthy birds, once they have been identified as diseased birds, both live and dead birds should be incinerated or buried. Because even if the diseased bird survives treatment, it may become a carrier of pathogens and transmit the virus to humans or other healthy birds.

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