Analysis of the problems in the contact lens market

Analysis of the problems in the contact lens market

Release date: 2009-07-20

The survey found that there are four main problems in the current contact lens market.

First, the overall quality of employees is low. Due to the low barriers to entry in the optical industry, most of the employees are not high in cultural quality, lacking in-depth understanding of the professional knowledge of contact lenses, and the certificate of title obtained is also varied, and there are few relevant technical grade certificates issued by the labor department. At the same time, quite a few dealers have insufficient understanding of contact lens management regulations, and have not strictly managed contact lenses as three types of medical devices with high risk, resulting in such violations in the course of business.

Second, the hardware facilities can not meet the requirements. The selection of contact lenses requires a rigorous optometry and optician procedure, which requires the assistance of related facilities and equipment. However, most optical shops currently have a small business area. It is difficult to achieve strict separation of optometry, inspection and wearing areas. Computer optometry, slit lamp, keratometer, tonometer, dry eye tester, power meter, and retinoscopy. Equipment such as mirrors and ophthalmoscopes are also difficult to match. Although some optical shops are equipped with these equipments, the overall utilization rate is not high, and even more in order to cope with the inspection and inspection of the regulatory authorities, the use of some scrapped or eliminated equipment to fill the gap, in order to get through.

Third, the company's own management is not standardized. First, the purchase channel is confusing, and the purchase record is incomplete. A considerable number of optical shops did not verify the supplier's qualification certificate when purchasing the goods. The product purchase acceptance record, sales record is incomplete, no inventory ledger, it is difficult to control product quality and trace the problem product; second, the product is not operated. registered. A small number of dealers took risks for their interests, and operated “three no” products without production license, product registration certificate and product certification; third, no product tracking system was established. Due to individual reasons, some contact lens wearers may have eye congestion, blur, corneal deformation, etc., and even blindness. However, some dealers did not establish a tracking service system after selling contact lenses, and timely understand the wearing conditions of the wearers, and did not collect and report adverse events of medical devices, resulting in some adverse events.

Fourth, the supervision of the management department is not enough. At present, there are widespread personnel and heavy tasks in the regulatory authorities. In particular, the lack of medical equipment professional supervisors, coupled with the lag in the construction of existing relevant laws and regulations, has led to insufficient frequency and intensity of inspection of the contact lens market. Meditech Medical Network

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