The use and maintenance of silage cutter

The use and maintenance of silage cutter

The machine user can choose different gear sets according to the length of the required materials and replace the gears. The gap between the moving knife and the fixed knife is adjusted according to different materials. The moving knife passes through the gap of the fixed knife, and the cutting speed is fast, which is also the key to the high production efficiency of the machine. Fine straw (such as cereal grass) is 0.2-0.5 mm (that is, the gap of the general sewing thread thickness). When cutting thick straw such as silage corn stalks, it is 1-2 cm. After turning on the power, run the empty car for a few minutes, pay attention to whether the running direction is correct, and whether there is any abnormal noise. After everything is normal, you can switch to normal work.

Note: The workplace should be spacious. Do not leave the switch too far from the machine. Staff should not touch the operating site. Do not open the case and remove the safety cover. The lever of the clutch pulls in and pulls in. When it is pushed outward, it reverses and returns. If any clogging or foreign matter is found, immediately push the joystick outwards to exit the material and close the switch before troubleshooting. Staff should always pay attention to picking out stones, bricks, irons and other hard objects in the material so as not to damage the machine. During working hours, do not leave the machine. Those who are not familiar with machine performance do not work alone.

Maintenance: If you do not use it for a long period of time, wipe all parts of the machine clean, the oil injection part of the oil, keep the body clean and not rust.

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