Effectively reduce harmful substances in water

Effectively reduce harmful substances in water

Effectively reducing harmful substances in water conditioners can reduce harmful substances in water. Take Jinbaoyuyu Aquatic Products Water Conditioning Agent as an example. The golden fish treasure shrimp aquaculture water conditioner is a kind of microbiological agent for water quality protection and conditioning of live fishes, which is specially used for fish and shrimps and other aquatic animals. It can effectively inhibit the reproduction of aquatic animal pathogens, enhance animal disease resistance, and maintain ecological balance of water bodies. Prevent "overflow ponds" and "floating heads" and greatly reduce the death rate.
The golden fish treasure shrimp aquaculture water conditioner is a high-performance strain obtained through a series of high-tech methods such as separation, screening, mutagenesis, purification and rejuvenation using the latest international microbiological engineering technology of the United States, Japan and Korea, and other special effects substances. It is composed of high-performance Bacillus microorganisms (more than 2 billion effective viable cells per gram), natural chelates and other beneficial biomasses. It is a natural and green microbiological product. It is an antibiotic. The ideal substitutes can effectively increase the output, quality, feed conversion rate and economic benefits of aquatic products. It can rapidly degrade organic matter and harmful substances mainly through the mass reproduction and metabolites of functional microorganisms in the product, rapidly and effectively degrade organic substances in water, and decompose various harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, sulfide and phosphorus. By purely microbiological means, "life" (microbiology's own life activities) protects "life" (fish, shrimp, and other health).

The ya Pears are native to China. The ya pears are juicy with white flesh. The Ya Pear has a thin yellow skin and has the same shape as the common pear. The Fresh Ya Pear is crunchy and has a sweet ,  honey like taste.

1. Commodity Name: Ya Pear

2. Features: Bright yellow color, snow white flesh, full of juice, taste sweet and slight sour.
3. Packing:
a) Inner packing: each piece is wrapped with tissue paper and foam net
b) Outer packing: 
1) 4.5kg/carton: 20, 22, 24pcs        2) 9kg/carton: 40, 44pcs
3) 10kg/carton: 36, 40,44,48pcs    4) 18kg/carton: 72, 80, 96pcs
5) or according to clients' requirements.
4. Supply period: End August to next April

5. Conveyance: Loading quantity for each 40`HR depending on its detailed packing.

6. Transporting and storing temperature: 0°C

Ya Pear

Fresh Ya Pear

Fresh Ya Pear,Ya Pear,Fresh Yellow Ya Pear,Sweet Fresh Ya Pear

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