Nectarine cultivation technology

Nectarine cultivation technology

1. Dawning: Special early-yellow yellow sweet nectarine, listed at the end of May and early June, with a weight of 80-120 grams and a maximum weight of 180 grams. The fruit is nearly round, and the peel is pale yellow, full of dark red, shiny, beautiful and beautiful. Rich in flavor, rich in aroma, containing 13-14% of soluble solids, pollen, self-fertility, high yield performance.
2. Huaguang: Extremely early-ripening white-flesh nectarine. The fruit matures at the end of May. The weight of single fruit is 80-120 grams, and the maximum is 150 grams. The fruit is oval and the bottom of the fruit is white. It is full of bright red roses. The appearance is bright and the quality is excellent. Sweet and sweet, with pollen, self-fruiting, premature birth, and high yield performance.
3, Fengguang: Yellow sweet nectarine, listed in late June, the average fruit weight 150 grams, full of strong red, very beautiful, sweet and rich, good performance and high yield.
4, Yan Guang: Early maturing white meat nectarine, mature in mid-June, fruit weight 120 grams, up to 200 grams, sweet flavor, self-fertility, fruit bottom white, rose red.
5,019: Premature yellow flesh sweet nectarine, mature at the end of June, the average fruit weight 150 grams, the fruit is nearly round, white fruit bottom, mature full of bright red, sweet flavor, beautiful appearance, premature delivery and high yield.
6, 26-2: Premature yellow flesh sweet nectarine, mature at the end of June, single fruit weight 140-200 g, fruit with 100% rose red, beautiful and beautiful, high quality, sweet taste, good fruit hardness, resistance to storage and transportation.
7, 5-7: Yellow sweet nectarine, the average fruit weight 120 grams, up to 250 grams, the background yellow, all bright red, natural storage after a week without wrinkles, long shelf life.
8, Korean oil No. 8: South Korea introduced the medium-yield yellow meat sweet nectarine, single fruit weight 150-250 grams, the largest 480 grams, fruit bottom yellow, full of light red, fruit hardness, resistance to storage and transport, sugar content 15 -17 degrees.
9. US oil king (macro oil-number): imported from the US, matured in mid-July, average fruit weight 220 grams, maximum fruit weight 510 grams, fruit thick red, coloring rate of more than 90%, sweet fragrant with slightly acidic, high yield Performance is good, the market price is high 10, the United States giant oil No. 6: mature in mid-July, white meat, single fruit 180-260 grams, the maximum 460 grams, all red, leave the core, sweet and sour taste, beautiful appearance, high yield performance, storage Yun.
Others include: Millennium Red, Eyebrow, Oil, 9-1, May Fire, Ruiguang 2-11 and so on.

Bread is the most common and traditional food around the world. It has close links with Baking Enzymes. Enzymes has been used to improve the properties of the dough and of the final baked products. So it is considered that enzymes can be a cost effective solution to many of the problems encountered during production. Nowadays, baking enzymes are playing a vital role in bread-making industry. Sunson is dedicate to researching and developing high quality and new efficiency product unceasingly in the worldwide grain food enzyme domain. We serve for the grain food processing industry, and make great efforts to promote all kinds of flour products quality.

Sunson Bakery Enzymes are xylanase, phospholipase, lipase, Glucose Oxidase, transglutaminase and so on. All products are produced in accordance with FDA, FAO, WHO, UECFA, and they also conform to food chemistry pharmacopoeia(FCC).

The benefits of Sunson baking enzymes are:
Speed up dough fermentation, save time
Improve crumb structure, increase loaf volume and texture
Enhance dough-handling, stability and baking performance
Improve crust color and softness, longer shelf life
Better crumb flavor and taste

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