Breeding methods

Breeding methods

Scorpion is one of the precious fur animals in the world. A single mother can give birth to 6 to 14 herds, and it can increase year by year with the length of artificial breeding and the degree of domestication. This requires attention to selecting and breeding and breeding a better population.

The selection of the weight of the selected species is generally based on the breeding bred before May 1st. Introduced species try not to buy old breeders. Old breeders are generally eliminated from the field and have a variety of shortcomings that they can't continue to seed, or have injected melatonin. In the selection of species, it is necessary to identify whether the calluses are from the aspects of body weight, finger shape, teeth growth, and skin tightness. Young crickets (bred crickets) weigh between 3.5 kg and 4.5 kg in the 8 months to 10 months of age, and the body weight of the 11 month old male cubs is about 6 kg to 9 kg, and the mother lice reach 5 kg to 8 kg. The weight is too light to stay in kind. In addition, the introducer or breeder should also observe the demeanor's attitude, diet and defecation, whether there are thick pads or ankles, etc., to effectively find out whether the introduced farm has injected two vaccines, and whether the previous generation had self-bite, etc. . If there is no evidence, the above criteria can be used for introduction or retention.

When the young cubs born in the year were selected for breeding, they should be divided into three stages. Primary stage: From May to June, young calves were treated before and after weaning. According to the calf's weight, coat color, number of litters, and growth rate, the primary selection was conducted.

Selection stage: From August to the end of September, there will be 20%~25% more than the planned number of species to be retained in order to eliminate redundant parts during the selection. The phase-out part is kept on the skin.

Selection stage: In mid-November, that is, before skinning. When males and females are selected, they are kept at a ratio of 1:3 or 1:4. However, when the herd is relatively small, more public funds should be reserved to prevent breeding of some males and females. Year of breeding work.

The choice of plush color should be the selection of young animals with high hair density, complete hairs, smooth color, and dorsoventral hair. The dark hair, white and curled hairs should not be used as the species, and the hair should be uniform and the hair should be fine. Rich and dense, the best color and blue. The kind of plush quality of the male breed is best grade 1, the third grade should not be reserved, and the lowest quality of the female breed is also the second grade.

Body shape and the choice of various parts of the choice of young species must be well-proportioned, lively God, eye conjunctiva and nose to be moist. The public servants are required to be large in size, with thick and tall hind legs, long tails and fluffy. The mother-in-law requires a slender body and high limbs. Short and fat mother-in-law can not be purchased in principle and reserved for species use. Regardless of the male and female species, there are no obvious defects in each part when selecting the species, such as one eye of the male and female, one single testicle, and too few teats.

The breeding and breeding farms that have been produced and cultivated have acquired the breeding ability of all public breeding gilts and their estrus, production and milk conditions through the first year of breeding. At the same time, because the mother-mother is usually the highest in the second to the fourth year, he must select all males and females according to records and files before taking the skin in the first year. The late-to-go plush, often vomiting, and frequent shaking, urine habitually sprinkled in the food bowl should not be reserved for use. For those who have more births, more milk, more maternal, more docile, dense and fine plush, fast recovery after weaning, and no evil, should leave 70% as the core population according to their own development, adhere to the three generations of no blood relationship Male and female cockroaches are used for breeding in the following year. In terms of age structure, adult male prostitutes are generally adopted to match adult female prostitutes or female prostitutes of the current year. The method of public prostitution is the same as that of female prostitutes of the current year, and the pure-bred breeding work for the offspring produced is enhanced year by year. Strict elimination is not desirable. Offspring.

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