Chrysanthemum cultivation technology

Chrysanthemum cultivation technology

One, cultivator weeding cultivator should not be too deep. Usually cultivating 2 to 3 times, the first time in about 10 days after transplanting, the second time in late July, and the third time in early September. In addition, shallow cultivator can be performed once every heavy rain.
Second, timely topping should be carried out on a sunny day. For the first time in the week before the chrysanthemum was transplanted, the height of the seedling was about 25 centimeters, and the tip of the shoot was 7 to 10 centimeters long; the second time it was applied to the plant to extract 3 to 4 new branches about 30 centimeters long. Hit the top of the branches; the third time the top is to be played in early July.
Third, the tops of chrysanthemum chrysanthemums are well-developed, requiring a large amount of fertilizer, and generally 3 times of top dressing. When transplanting, 250-400 kilograms of urine is applied per acre and 1000-1600 kilograms of water is added. For the second time, when the top is applied, about 500 kilograms of excrement or 10 kilograms of ammonium sulfate is applied per acre, combined with earth. The third top-dressing during the formation of buds applied 700-1000 kg of excrement or 10 kg of ammonium sulfate per acre to promote bud enlargement and increase yield and quality.

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