Food preservation method

Food preservation method

Food preservation refers to the method of preservation of all foods, thus reducing food-borne diseases and preserving nutrition and taste.
Preservation usually involves the prevention of the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms and the reduction of fat due to oxidative rancidity. Common preservation methods include drying, freezing, vacuum bags, canning, radiation, and adding preservatives. In addition, there are some methods that are not only antiseptic, but also flavored, such as flooded, sugar salted, smoked.
The oldest method is to dry and the bacteria are very slow when they are dry. Sometimes smoked in the air. Although only smoked things are released soon, the anti-bacterial ingredients are added to the food during the smoking process. Meat or fruit is sometimes salted with sugar or salt, such as beef jerky.
Flooding is soaking food with brine or vinegar. Most microorganisms cannot survive in too salty or too sour environments.
Canned in Europe and the United States, used for fruits and vegetables. Sterilize the bottles and then load them. The bottle and the contents are boiled and sterilized. After cooking, the bottle needs sealing. In the past, wax was used, and most modern bottles used rubber caps.
Different foods have different natural antibacterial properties.
Fruits with more acid, like strawberries, do not need to add anything. Tomato will be for a long time, but also add other acidic things.
Many vegetables also have to be pressurized and canned. In the 1950s, the American magazine "Popular Mechanics" proposed using food radiation. But until now, the consequences of food radiation are still not clear, so it is not very common.
In areas where refrigeration equipment is not common, potatoes, strawberries and meat are often radiated. The United States did not approve the radiation of meat and poultry until 2002 to prevent E. coli and Salmonella. In the United States and many European countries, spices are often radiated because there is no other good way.

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