Cucumber live storage management

Cucumber live storage management

Livestock storage is suitable for cucumbers in the greenhouse after the fall. When the weather gradually turns cold after autumn, the nighttime temperature is still below 10°C after covering the grasshoppers or quilts on the solar greenhouse film at night. At this time, not only the cucumber plants cannot grow, but the fruits no longer grow. In order to extend the supply period, the last batch of cucumbers grown on the plants are not removed, they are hung on the plants and harvested when the market needs them. The cucumber on the plant is not long. Free from frost damage, leaf vines or green are called "live storage." This storage method does not add new equipment and places. Melon cold resistance than the above methods are strong, the minimum temperature of not less than 5 °C, melon strips will not fade, and will not suffer freezing injury.
In terms of management, covering each day with an opaque cover in a solar greenhouse, the opaque cover is uncovered in the morning when the sun rises. Storage period of up to 40 to 50 days, North China can be listed on New Year's Day.

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