Potted vegetables become a highlight

Potted vegetables become a highlight

Vegetables are planted in the fields, and few people will keep it like flowers and plants at home. However, in the greenhouse of the Nanjing Vegetable Science and Technology Park in Hengxi Town, Jiangning District, Nanjing, the bonsai planted with edible vegetables and strawberries can be moved back home for as little as 15 to 20 yuan. These red, yellow, green, and purple potted vegetables have an ornamental period of more than three months.

According to Professor Guo Shirong, director of the Center for Facilities Horticulture Engineering and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University, potted vegetables are elegant, light and delicate, beautiful and beautiful shapes, and colorful colors. They can be used as vegetables, but also show strong Ornamental value of vegetables. Potted vegetables can be used as a micro-bonsai spot decorated room, the courtyard, the balcony is dressed in light green. Potted vegetables are easy to draw and easy to live. Generally, seeds, roots, tubers, fresh stems and other propagation materials are used for planting, and are not subject to regional or seasonal restrictions. They grow fast, have fewer pests and diseases, and can often be planted as new plants.

Potted vegetables are mainly divided into three categories. One is leafy vegetables. The color of vegetables and leaves of this kind of vegetables is colorful, such as kale, yellow, white, red, purple and other colors of the leaves and stems, and the leaves are bright and shiny. It is a good product for garden beautification and road greening. The second is fruit. The fruits of this kind of vegetables are varied and lovely, such as the colorful pepper, not only the beautiful shape of the plant, and the colorful ornamental value of the pepper is extremely high, there are flying saucer-shaped pumpkin, thick finger cucumber, five-fingered eggplant, odd-shaped, color gorgeous. The third is dual-use fruit and vegetables. This type of vegetables can be eaten as a vegetable after viewing, and can also be eaten as fruit, such as cherry tomatoes, or red as agate, or green as jade or yellow as cherries.

Prof. Guo Shirong told reporters that the special environmental conditions of living rooms have certain restrictions on ornamental vegetables. The types of vegetables often used for miniature cultivation in homes include cherry tomatoes, colorful peppers, flying saucer squash, cucumbers, and colorful lettuce. Colorful peppers are pungent and intensely flavorful and can be used as a seasoning. The varieties include sun-colored bell peppers, red-hawk colorful peppers, and mini-hawk colorful peppers. Plant height 15 to 30 cm, development degree 45 to 55 cm. The shape of the fruit varies depending on the variety. Some varieties are long conical or conical, while others are spherical. Fruit weight 2 to 10 grams, the fruit is small and cute, is a kind of ornamental and edible vegetables. Potted plant height, crown about 16 cm, trunk rough and multiple air nodules, plant image simple, resembles "bonsai." The fruit is small and exquisite, just like cherries, pearls, etc. The mouthfeel is very good. Compared with the vegetables used in the dish, it is particularly clear and delicious. The miniature eggplant varieties include ornamental eggplant, five-finger eggplant, and pellet eggplant. The color of the epidermis is purple black, white, purple, red, and other colors. Some varieties of fruit color are silvery at the beginning, gradually turning into golden color, so hanging silver on branches. Fruit shapes are egg-shaped, five-fingered, round or oval. Compact, plant height 30 to 40 cm, crown 25 to 50 cm, fruit length 4 to 6 cm, diameter 3 to 4.5 cm, weight 10 to 45 grams. The main cultivars of color leaf lettuce are Seoul Red, Chi Huang and Red Cinnamon lettuce. Stem green, green white, purple and so on. Leaves have purple, red, brown and other colors, the nutritional value is higher than the general leaf lettuce. Ginseng fruit, also known as "melango eggplant", has both ornamental value and fruit. It resembles a small shrub with 60 to 150 cm in height. Each plant can produce about 30 fruits, pear-shaped fruit, oval-shaped, generally weighing 50 to 400 grams. Pocket pumpkin can be cultivated on the ground, but it can also be cultivated. Pocket pumpkin weighs less than 1.5 kilograms. Fruit shape is varied. The main varieties are Dongsheng, Yipin, Dongying, Wanfu, Xiangu, Jixiang, Ruyi, Heijin, Heiji, Shengjin, Shengli, and Mianli. In addition to the above-mentioned several potted vegetables, there are common spinach, lettuce, lily, chayote, and so on.

Editor's comment:

In the same way, vegetables are grown in different places and cultivated in different ways. The resulting market value is different. At present, in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places, some vegetable farmers have planted vegetables in pots, which are quite popular with the market. A pot of Western pumpkin, expensive can be sold for nearly a thousand dollars; a pot of stems upright, such as gold pot of sunflower, can be sold for two or three hundred dollars.

Vegetable cultivation, from extensive cultivation in fields to intensive cultivation in greenhouses, can be said to be a leap in planting methods. Now, don't be fooled into planting the vegetables into the pots. The exotic fruits can not only make people eat, but also make people watch, but also give gifts. However, we should also see that although the development of potted vegetables has been for several years, the promotion effect is not satisfactory. According to analysts, there are three main reasons. First, although the potted vegetables have the same ornamental effect as the potted flowers, after all, their lifespan is much shorter than the potted plants, and the viewing time is not long enough. The second is the management of potted vegetables, according to the actual needs of each vegetable, add a good mix of cultivation medium, special nutrient solution, compared with Datian vegetables, potted vegetables are not easy to raise well. Third, the current price of potted vegetables is relatively high and it is difficult for ordinary families to accept. However, there are many experts who are very optimistic about the market prospects for potted vegetables. They said that potted vegetables can both be viewed and have food value, so there is no market for them. In addition, if vegetables are grown in potted varieties, they will develop home-grown varieties such as greens, leeks, pea sprouts, shallots, and other abundant varieties, which will surely attract consumers. The peasants have the ten acres of land in an acre park, which tells the hardships of planting vegetables. Some citizens think that self-cultivated vegetables not only taste different, but also allow children to recognize the hardships of farmers' vegetables. People in the economic community pointed out that in the long run, potted vegetables also have the advantage of saving land for a city that is very affordable. In short, the marketization of potted vegetables is a general trend.

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