How to reduce the cost of wine packaging to win the market

How to reduce the cost of wine packaging to win the market

90% of the brand's wines were sold unfavorably in the first year of launch, and the other 10% of new brands were able to win a full victory. Even so, its popularity in the market is only about five years. Once the product is on the shelf, it must be sold immediately. The magic weapon for sales is “packaging” because most consumers decide whether to purchase products based on packaging.

So is your product packaging popular? Is there room for improvement? Has your competitor changed its product packaging? Or is your wine package less sales than before? Can products stand out on the shelves?

In fact, the cost of packaging is also a considerable amount of expenditure. It needs to make this part of the expenditure as much as possible and win market purchasing power. The following are the six strategies for saving packaging costs and attracting customers:

1. The total packaging cost should be consistent with the product price and image. Ask yourself: is the packaging cost and the wine sales price in proportion to the coordination? If a bottle of wine worth 14 yuan, packaging costs up to 7 yuan, is not it crazy? All in all, packaging design should be aimed at consumers, should conduct adequate market research, change roles when necessary, and consider the packaging costs of products as customers.

2. Research shows that 70%-80% of the product cost has been set in the packaging design process. Designers should be familiar with the “supply design”, that is, when designing (planning) products, the use of products that can make the products more in line with supply needs. Technology and process. The design of plastic caps, packaging boxes, and wine labels is particularly important. For example, a winery designed 26 different wine labels for launching a new wine.

3. The survey data shows that 70% of consumers are making purchase decisions after seeing wine packaging. In other words, as a manufacturer, you have a potential influence on the customer’s desire to purchase. Can product packaging convey essential information to potential consumers? During this period, it is necessary to carry out basic market surveys, and even if they simply chat with customers, they can also find consumers' reactions to new products or new packaging.

4. As time accumulates, there will be dozens or hundreds of variables at anytime and anywhere. The packaging design, specifications and standards of products will gradually lose their original meaning. Therefore, you need to change the packaging in a timely manner to appear in front of consumers with a brand new face.

5. "Single Sourcing" is a very popular procurement method nowadays. That is to say, it is good for both parties to hand over the raw materials of one product to one supplier. For consumers, it means more favorable prices and better services. For suppliers, they can protect their businesses and avoid competition with the industry.

6. Lastly, how often do you perform a benchmark assessment of product packaging vendors? Is there a service quality agreement? The most important thing in the wine business is honesty, don't let packaging companies damage your product reputation.

Marketing is the driving force of business, and packaging is the key to determining the success of marketing. One thing is certain, the quality of the packaging determines the market for the product, which is part of the product's added value.

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