Prevention and cure of fruit tree chafer

Prevention and cure of fruit tree chafer

The beetle is divided into two types, gold carapace and black beetle, which mainly feed on young leaves of fruit trees. In severe cases, the leaves can be sunk and affect the normal growth of the tree.

First, the occurrence of regular chafer occurred one year, April and May is a serious period of damage, adults unearthed, buried in the soil under the canopy during the day, after 4 pm unearthed tree damage, from late May to early June adults Into the earth and spawn, no longer harm, phototaxis and suspended animation.

Second, the prevention and control methods (a) shake down to kill. Using the parasitoid nature of the beetle adult, shaking the tree in the evening shake it down and kill it. (b) Blacklight trapping. Using its phototaxis, blacklight traps. (c) Poisonous soil. According to the habit of the adult to infiltrate the soil during the daytime, poisoning the adult on the ground, the best selection of trichlorfon, plus a certain amount of spinach and wheat bran. (d) tree spray. Since the beetle has a hard shell on the surface, it is difficult for the contact insecticide to achieve efficacy, so it is better to use the insecticide.

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