Incubation Technology

Incubation Technology

The artificially domesticated quail has lost its brooding nature and must be artificially propagated. The hatching technique of the quail breeding farm in Cao County, Shandong Province is introduced as follows: 1. Egg selection: Try to make use of the eggs within two weeks. Strictly select the pairs. Yellow eggs and misshapen eggs. After selection, the eggs are soaked for 3 minutes with 30°C warm water plus 0.1% potassium permanganate, and the eggs are allowed to dry after hatching. Second, the temperature: the key to the success of hatching lies in the temperature, in the pre-hatch 1 to 7 days, the machine temperature to maintain 37.8 °C, 8 to 20 days 37.5 °C, 21 to 24 days (ie shelling) 37.2 °C. Third, the humidity: the size of the humidity to be adjusted according to the various stages of embryonic development, relative humidity before hatching should be maintained at 60% to 65%, medium-term 55% to 60%, to the late hatching, in order to make the water in the air and carbon dioxide Together in the egg shell, so that sodium carbonate into calcium carbonate, so that the eggshell becomes brittle, is conducive to the chick clam shell, the humidity should be increased to 65% to 70%. Fourth, turn the eggs: In order to make the eggs heated evenly, so that embryonic development is normal, must be manually or naturally turn the egg, from the second day of incubation, generally 2 to 3 hours turned once, the first 20 days to stop. Fifth, according to the egg: The first time the egg is 5 to 7 days, mainly to check the fertilization situation of eggs. Normal eggs can find the eye spots on the embryo, the color of the eggs red and bloody. The egg yolk enlarged and biased to one side. There is no change in eggless egg, egg yolk is complete, egg white is transparent, and it is necessary to promptly remove the lean egg. The number of eggs should be handled according to the specific circumstances. Mainly check the embryonic development and remove dead fetus eggs in time.

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