Rice helper cactus cultivation techniques

Rice helper cactus cultivation techniques

First, the election site preparation 1. Selection of sunny, well-drained, neutral or slightly acidic, sandy loam containing organic matter and humus. 2. The site is deep-turned and smoothed to make it soft and breathable. Then it is used to make rakes. The rake is usually about 20 centimeters high, 80 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters apart. After the mound is well prepared, it is necessary to open up the ditch and fertilize it. Each ditch should be open to two trenches. The ditch should be 20 centimeters long and the ditch should be about 20 centimeters deep. The organic fertilizer should be applied at 2,500 kilograms per mu. Second, the cultivation of edible cactus is mainly cuttings and planting. The time is appropriate for spring and autumn. The temperature is about 30°C. The soil should not be too wet. To ensure a breathable environment, the soil is too wet to cause cuttings to rot. Cutting method: 80 cm wide rafts, 80 cm row spacing, 30 cm planting distance dig hole planting, 2/5 of the cactus tablets to be buried in the soil, facing the sun, so that the stems on both sides can get enough light. Pay attention not to contact the seedlings with the fertilizer before the seedlings emerge. Third, field management 1. Fertilization and fertilization is divided into base fertilizer and top dressing, base fertilizer in the formation of land when the organic fertilizer applied to the soil. Top dressing is divided into two times: one time when the cutting seedlings grow to 6 cm in length, the application of organic fertilizer plus appropriate amount of phosphate fertilizer or potash fertilizer is called seedling fertilizer; the second time after fertilizing some of the stem pieces, it will continue to sprout. Each fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer, supplemented by phosphorus and potassium fertilizers (which may be compound fertilizers), and organic fertilizers must be fully decomposed. 2. Watering The cactus is not watered before it is rooted. After rooting, water should be watered when the soil moisture is less than 15% under the surface of 15 cm (when the soil is not kneaded by hands). In daily management, the temperature is lowered and watering must be stopped. When the cactus is dormant, you can not water it, but keep the soil dry. 3. Disease and Insect Pest Control (1) In order to prevent rot, proper watering should be done to keep the air humidity high and not to apply too much nitrogen fertilizer. (2) Drugs can be mixed for pests. (3) When spraying, select on a sunny morning and spray evenly. Four, picking for the seedlings of the stem piece to be picked in one and a half months to ensure survival rate; as a vegetable stem slice must be picked in one and a half months, but not too early, affecting production.

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