Seedling Cultivation Techniques of Blue Maple Seeds

Seedling Cultivation Techniques of Blue Maple Seeds

First, the soil conditions: the soil should be selected sunny, fertile, loose, PH5.5 a 7, drainage conditions are better, the ability to maintain water, fertility and strong soil layer of deep sandy loam is better. Second, before the p preparation: Do deep plowing before the winter, to promote soil weathering, eliminate the underground pests, remove weeds in the spring after opening, so that intensive cultivation, to achieve soil fine, smooth. And apply basal superphosphate 500-600 kg per mu, 1 kg per square. Then use a wooden board to gently flatten the dough. Third, timely?p species:?p species time is generally in late January and mid-February, choose sunny, no wind, warm weather?p species,?p species density of 0.025 pounds per square meter, on the surface Uniform?p under. Then cover the soil and use the raw soil rich in organic matter and high fertility in the mountains to reduce the growth of weeds and reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. The thickness of the cover soil should be covered with no seeds. The straw is covered on the top to facilitate moisturizing, heat preservation, and sun protection, and then the nylon film is laid. Four, field management: 种p species 28 a 30 days can emerge, should constantly check the growth of the field, and remove the rice to change the tile shed cover, and often watering, keep the soil moist, clear film before 9 am , After 4 pm, cover the film to prevent nighttime low temperature antifreeze, and prevent high temperature injury at noon on sunny days. In the watering process, a topdressing fertilizer is applied in combination, and 1 to 1.5 kg urea is sprayed in 50 kg water to promote normal growth of the seedlings. And gradually hardening seedlings, in order to achieve strong seedlings Jianmiao, until the seedlings grow to 2-3 leaves when the choice of thick, disease-free sales in batches for transplanting.

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