Mushrooms have 5 big unknown benefits

Although we often say, "vegetables and carrots have their own love." But for mushrooms, nutritionists shouted "Mushroom mushrooms, everyone loves." According to the “Chicago Tribune” reported on March 20, we really shouldn’t leave mushrooms for one da.......

8 taboos that must be known for tea to lose weight

Although drinking tea has become a trend, but do not think that tea can be casually drink.

I. Hi drink new tea

Because the new tea is stored for a short time, it contains many unoxidized polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols and other substances, it has a strong stimulating e.......

Eat bananas should pay attention to 2 taboos

Not only are bananas delicious, but they also have a lot of medicinal value. Therefore, many people eat bananas in pursuit of health. However, they need to remind everyone that any delicious food must be appropriate, and use the correct method of eating. Otherwise, it will be counter-produ.......

Application of ball mill grading production line on silicon micropowder

Application of ball mill grading production line on silicon micropowder

Improves milk production skills

If you want to increase the yield of dairy cows in the fall, you should adopt scientific breeding methods. The following three ideas are for your reference:

Adjust the diet ingredients to feed high-quality dairy cows with high-quality forage, and feed more concentrates or high-fat .......

8 kinds of food suitable for fall weight-loss

When autumn arrives, weight loss plans still can't be relaxed. Look at what foods are best for fall weight loss!


Bu Zhong Yi Qi, sweet and hot, with diuretic effect, is suitable for fall and winter warm-up health diet food.


Sweet and warm, .......

Eating Eggs for Lunch Improves Memory

Diet nutritionists in the United Kingdom point out that drinking coffee in the morning can affect one day's work. Because drinking coffee at breakfast increases heart rate and causes the stomach to contract. In addition, the sugars that are ingested at breakfast are quickly absorbed by.......