Fresh pig manure is good for feeding fish directly

Fresh pig manure is good for feeding fish directly

Feeding fish directly with fresh pig manure works well.

Due to the small amount of pig manure that has just been discharged, there are more nutrients that can be absorbed by the fish, and the feeding is convenient. No special fermentation tank is required, which can reduce the cost and the utilization rate is also high. The fresh pig manure fed compared with the feed after fermentation, will not rot deterioration, and fertilizer and water faster.

Feeding the fish with fresh pig manure, the feces of every 3-4 pigs can be fed with 1 mu of surface fish. When feeding, the fresh pig manure can be directly put into the pool water, and the amount of fish fed is suitable for the day. To adhere to feeding every day, a small number of times. Note that during high temperatures, do not feed too much at one time. In case of hot thunderstorms, stop feeding. Normally, the quality of the fish pond should be checked frequently. For example, fresh pig manure is used to make the pool water acidic and the pH value is lowered. 30-40 kg of lime water can be added to the entire surface of the water to improve the water quality.

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