Pig keeping warm 6 strokes

Pig keeping warm 6 strokes

In cold weather in winter, pigs are forced to use body fat in order to resist severe cold. As a result, the weight gain of pigs is slowed down. What's worse, due to poor management, piglets, weak pigs and sick pigs are frozen and severely affected. . For this reason, I suggest that everyone adopt the following 6 measures for keeping warm during the pig raising process.
1. Wind protection. Use wooden boards, straw curtains, plastic sheets, straw bales, or grass bags to block the air leakage at all parts of the pig house. At night, hang the curtains in front of the pig's nest to prevent cold winds from invading; stack corn outside the northern wall of the pig house. Straw or set the wind wall.
2, grass. In the pig bed, 15-20 cm soft hay and soft straw are added to keep warm, moisture, and moisture away; at night, the pig's urine fossa is kept and the pig house is kept clean, dry, and comfortable.
3, ventilation. Use high temperature during noon hours to open doors and windows to ventilate and eliminate indoor moisture and harmful gases.
4, more than the sun. Choose sunny weather, rush the pig out to the sun, properly strengthen outdoor sports and improve resistance to cold weather.
5, gregarious. The dispersed pigs were reared in groups, and the rearing density was increased by about 30% to 50% compared with the summer. The amount of heat released by the pigs increased, and the temperature was increased.
6, clever feeding. Increase the number of feeding during the day, at night to feed a meal, pig food to do some, and appropriate increase in the proportion of sorghum, corn and other energy feed, while drinking warm water.

Meat chicken (fat) has a high nutritional value and a variety of cuisines. Chicken (fat) whether steamed, braised, or braised, Fried, rich flavor, rich nutrition. The meat chicken (fat) also has the higher nourishment value of the food.Broiler is rich in protein, its fat contains unsaturated fatty acid, so it is good protein food for elderly and cardiovascular disease patients. It is more appropriate to use chicken or chicken soup for postpartum chicken or chicken soup after sickness, especially if it is better.

Core tip: chicken's aroma is largely determined by its "flavor nucleotide", while "chewy" is determined by collagen and elastin in meat. These determinations of flavor and texture are related to the growth of the chicken. The shorter the growth time, the lighter the chicken flavor. But these ingredients have little to do with nutrition. From a food science point of view, the meat of the broiler is still a good food.

Generally applicable to healthy and peaceful constitution, qi deficiency constitution, qi yu physique, Yin deficiency constitution.

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